This week I wanted to share some tips for new moms on how to quiet the noise around you. 

Sadly, there are a lot of people out there, mainly other moms, who are so quick to judge you in your mothering. I never really noticed it until I became a mom. And it sucks man. It sucks that other mothers are so quick to judge and not support.

As my daughter is hitting her 2nd birthday, I’ve finally learned how to quiet the noise around me when it comes to mothering. So, I wanted to share some tips with you guys on how I’ve been able to do it. 

Tip #1: Go To The Lord

First and foremost, when it comes to figuring out what is best for your child, ask the Lord. He is the best parent there is, hands down. Ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance. Go to His word, seek Him in prayer. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. 

Tip #2: Do your own research even when you hate it. 

I cannot stress this enough. I literally hate researching things. College was so annoying because of the papers and projects where I had to research anything. Its. The. Worst. BUT, I’ve learned that this is extremely important. Even when I hate it, I research whatever it is that I’m questioning. It could be anything from vaccines, the best formula for your baby, how to get them to sleep better, whatever it is. As much as I hate it, the more I’ve researched the more I have been able to form my opinion about something and be firm in that. 

Tip #3: Communicate with Your Spouse 

Another super important thing to do is communicate with your spouse. If you have any questions, doubts, fears, anxieties about anything, communicate that. Talk to your spouse about whatever topic you are researching or worried about. Ask him to help you in researching. Ask for his opinion on the topic. Have an open dialogue with him about these concerns and you two can go on the adventure of researching together. Having your spouse on your side only makes you even stronger! 

Tip #4: Find A Group of Moms

Find a group of moms, friends, that you can go to, to have open dialogue. Sometimes being a mom isn’t easy. Sometimes your kid is annoying. Don’t go to social media with those frustrations unless you’re strong in your parenting. Because you will hear backlash. Trust me. It’s happened to me before. Find a group of moms where you vent your frustrations or talk about things. I’ve noticed that when I release those negative emotions to people that I trust, I can move on that much quicker. Unless you’re firm in your parenting, opening the door to those on social media will just make you feel worse.

Tip #5: Be Firm 

Once you’ve been able to get to whatever decision you come to, be firm. Understand that not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s okay. They may have valid reasons why they disagree with you. But if you’ve prayed and done your research than you should be firm in that decision. It’s not your job to change anyone’s mind just like it’s not their job to change your mind. So be firm! 

Those are my 5 tips for you new mommas! Being a mom isn’t easy but know that you have a friend here. I promise I will not judge you in whatever decisions you make. I can be there for you if you need to vent out some feelings or frustrations. You have a friend here! 

I hope these tips help you in some way. I hope they inspire and empower you on this motherhood journey you’re on! 

Till Next Time,