Obsessed or Nah?

I wanted to share some products that I have been currently obsessing with and some that I probably could live without. So let’s get into it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACetaphil Oil Control Face Wash: growing up I wasn’t allowed to wear make up until I was 18 (crazy, I know). But while at the time I hated it, I’m actually very grateful my mom did that. I learned at a young age the importance of skin care. So, when I started wearing make-up, I knew I need to have products that give my skin a deep clean. Because my skin is also naturally oily, I wanted to try this face wash to see how it would help me control my oily skin a little bit better. I’ve been using this product at night to give my face a good deep clean and remove all the product and dirt from the day that my skin has. Let me just tell you, my face has never felt so clean. This product does an amazing job at removing all makeup from my face. It has also helped my oil control as well. I noticed during the day my skin isn’t as shiny as it used to be prior to using this product, which of course I love. My skin has cleared up some (I’ve been experiencing break outs and red patches) and my oily skin is under control. Definitely obsessed!

Covergirl Healthy Elixar: okay so I received this product free for testing purposes through influenster. I was really excited to try a new foundation, because I’ve become a product junkie really. I was really excited to try this as soon as it arrived. The day that I tried it, the only downside was it wasn’t the right shade for me. I felt like the shade made my face look more on the orange side. So I ended up taking part of it off and mixing it with my previous foundation. I will say it was very easy to apply, very smooth, and the coverage was great for me. It was a medium to full coverage which is something I love because I do have some redness on my cheeks. I wore it all day and to be honest it didn’t feel much different than my other L’Oréal foundation. I would purchase this product if I just felt like using something different. It wouldn’t be an everyday product for me.

Maybelline Fit Matte Poreless Foundation: I will say this product has become an obsession for me. Like I mentioned earlier, I have oily skin. So keeping my makeup looking fresh and not overly shiny is a struggle for me. This product keeps my face matte practically all day. I won’t say that it’s perfect because I do have moments every now and then where I need to blot some shininess from my face, but it no where near as much as it used to be. The coverage is great (medium-full), the application is smooth and easy and lasts all day long. For those who have oily skin, this is definitely a product I would recommend.

Eva NYC Mane Magic: I got this product free for testing purposes from Influenster. I’ve used it multiple times and do love the way my hair feels after using it. I’ve even sprayed my hair after it’s dried to give it a fresh look. I would definitely recommend this product. It helps prime your hair before styling, which is always a good thing when you’re using heat. Easy to apply, doesn’t leave my hair super oily after using it. And it smells great!

There you have it! This weeks obsessions! Xoxo

What products are you obsessed with?! Let me know below so I can give them a try!

shop AMaVO – favorite things

okay guys, it has been a while since i’ve posted about some products or shops that i love. so this weekend is all about things i love! we are starting out the weekend talking about my new friends at Shop AMaVo. i stumbled upon this shop a couple of months ago and quickly fell in love with everything they have! they have the cutest accessories and clothes and beyond that they share an amazing message. what they aim to do with their shop is inspire women to be confident in who God created you to be. we are created in His image and are made beautiful. through the uniqueness of their clothing and accessories, you can express yourself in a way that is true to who you are. and can i tell you, that is something that i just love.

not only do i love fashion but i am obsessed with coffee. this addiction started at a young age but i am just not willing to give it up yet. because i love coffee so much, i have grown to love coffee mugs. because how else can you drink coffee if not out of a super cute mug?! i am actually obsessed with coffee mugs to be honest. so much so that i now love to collect them. as soon as i have my own house, i am going to dedicate a wall in my kitchen to all my coffee mugs and display them oh so proudly. you know, get all pinterest with it and stuff. i think right now i have like 10 or 12 that are just mine. and my collection keeps growing. mainly because my husband keeps buying me new cups! but i am so grateful that to say that i received a coffee mug from Shop AMaVO in the mail and it is beyond cute. the saying it and of itself is one of my favorite. plus, the color is just darling.


okay guys, let just get real for a second. this world we live in isn’t the best. it isn’t the nicest. especially when it comes to women. there has always been this stigma with women and the way we are “supposed” to look. can i just tell you how much i hate that? every woman is beautiful. we are each made differently. we each display different creative thoughts that God had when He created us. He didn’t want us all to look the same. He doesn’t care about your pant size or your bra size. He cares about you. He cares about your heart. as i sit here writing this, i can’t tell you how many thoughts are coming to my mind. thoughts of when i was younger and struggled with these issues of self-confidence and body positivity. i wasn’t the skinny girl in the class. for crying out loud, i spent most of my puberty bald because of leukemia. that created so much insecurity within myself that i looked to things i shouldn’t have to try and feel accepted. it wasn’t until i allowed myself to feel loved by God that i started to love myself. i still have days where i do struggle, that’s part of life. but in the end, i can now say that i am beautiful. i can have a confidence in myself that i never thought i could have. so, when i see little things like this coffee, i don’t just see a coffee mug. i see a chance to tell another woman that she is “clothed in strength and dignity.” by sharing a simple message like this, you plant a seed in a woman’s heart. a seed that begins to grow within her, building her love for herself. building her confidence. and speaking God’s love into her life.

so i’m going to challenge you, get this mug for someone you think needs a little confidence boost. trust me, it’ll make a difference. and if you use code BloggerMegan, you’ll get 15% off your purchase. how about we spread some love ladies? i think it’s about time, don’t you?



click here to shop their amazing items. i received this gorgeous coffee mug compliments of Shop AMaVO however all opinions are my own.

nyc fun

hello everyone! this past weekend i spent some time in nyc with my hubby and two of our really close friends. i wanted to share some of the places that we visited cause they were pretty awesome!

  • cookie dough confections: normally this isn’t a place that i would ever go to. i’m not a huge cookie dough fan but because of who i was with, i made the exception. when we got there we soon realized that the line to get in started across the street. that’s right, across the street. now mind you it was like freezing cold this day so that didn’t add to our excitement. but we all decided to just stand in line and wait because we made the trip out there anyways. we waited about an hour in line before we got inside the place. than waiting another 15ish minutes before we got served. side note: one of the servers told us that the line was about 4 hours long earlier in the day so our wait wasn’t bad. 4 hours!! craziness! anywho, once we got in and defrosted, it was actually a really cool experience.

    i was able to take some pictures of the inside so you guys can see what it looks like. they give you a menu while you wait and on that menu is a ton of different cookie dough options that you can choose from. you can basically order your cookie dough like you would ice cream. cup or cone. 1 scoop or 2. so crazy. i never would have thought to create something like this, but hey, people love sugar so i guess it works! i got the heavenly mix which consisted of sugar cookie, chocolate chips, nutella, caramel bits and sea salt. plus it was gluten free! they also have some vegan options too which i thought was pretty cool.

    as much as i’m not really a cookie dough person, i thoroughly enjoyed this experience. the waiting in line was a little crazy, but it was something different for me so i’m glad i did it. plus the cookie dough tasted really good. not even gonna lie on that one. granted i couldn’t finish it all because it was a lot of sugar for me and i hardly ever eat anything sweet. but the taste was amazing. the customer service was just as equally amazing. everyone that worked there was extremely friendly and helpful. some of us had some questions and they were very gracious with us. they even had the back section of their store walled off with glass so that you can see them mixing the different flavors. that part was super cool too. pricing wasn’t bad either. i got 1 scoop in a cup and my husband got 1 scoop in a cone and that came out to a little less than $10. which for nyc, is not bad at all! personally, i don’t think i can say that it would be worth the wait if it was more than 1 hour. because i’m not into it that much. but if you love cookie dough and won’t mind waiting, then go right ahead! also, i would suggest waiting closer to spring time and not winter. its too cold to wait outside like that. but if you’re in nyc, definitely try to add it during your visit. the décor on the inside is super cute you’ll really enjoy it!

  • chelsea market: okay so the chelsea market is beyond cute. it’s an indoor market with tons of cute restaurants and shops. its perfect during the winter because it’s indoors so you can escape the frigid cold air. it was so fun just to walk around and see the different restaurants and shops. they had this super cute flea market style area with at least 12 different pop-up shops. it was really fun to see the creativity that is out there and what kinds of fashion or jewelry items people create. how cute is this wall of lights?!?! can i please have this in my house?…IMG_4218
  • los tacos: within chelsea market, we decided to eat at los tacos. of course there was a line which told me it was going to be great. so they sell tacos individually, so you can get like one chicken and one steak, or whatever you want. we decided to share 4 steak tacos and chips with guacamole. the steak was amazing. i would go back just to eat those tacos again. the guac was pretty good too. the flavor was really good but it wasn’t as dense as i like my guac. for me personally it was a little runny, but it was still good flavor wise. this is definitely a place i would go back to again.IMG_4222
  • hampton inn seaport-financial district: since i spent the weekend, i thought i should speak about our hotel experience. we decided to stay at the hampton inn. it really wasn’t anything special it was just a quick booking through booking.com. the customer service was amazing. the room was great. the only issue we had was the first room we had, the hvac was not working properly, but they worked extremely quickly to move us to a different room and they actually upgraded us in the process. i would definitely go back to this location to stay again.

there you have it guys! just a few of the stops i made this past weekend. make sure you subscribe to my email list so that you can stay up to date with my posts and other travel tips! do you have some favorite places in nyc?? leave a comment and let me know so i can check it out! xoxo

favorite things..

i never thought of myself as being extremely materialistic. i do love clothes and shopping but if those things were ever taken away from me, i wouldn’t be upset. because in the end, those are just material items that don’t really mean a lot. that being said, there are a few things that i do just love and would hate to not have around me. so tonight, i’m taking you for a tour of my favorite things right now!

  1. i’m going to start out with my bible as one my favorite things. this book gives me such peace, comfort, truth, and wisdom. i love that i can read it any time and i can feel like the Lord is speaking to me. directly to me. it’s not like one of those speaking events you go to and think “man he is speaking to me” when in reality the entire rooms feels that way. no, this word speaks directly to me and only me everytime i open up those pages.
  2. ever since my husband bought me my first swell bottle my life has been changed. all i drink is water and coffee. and i was always carrying a plastic water bottle around. i hate waste so carrying the plastic bottles around just killed me. so my husband surprised me with this swell bottle and i carry it around all the time. the insulation on it keeps my water nice and cold all day long. never again will i carry around a plastic bottle.
  3. for Christmas, my husband got me this leather iphone 7 wallet case. now, it may seem silly to some, but from time to time i need to run out the house on an errand but i hate to carry about my huge bag. so this wallet comes in such handy. i add in my cards and phone and go. and the best part is that the phone attachment is actually a separate phone case that is attached to the wallet by a magnet. (see pictures) beyond brilliant! seriously, this wallet case makes me life so much easier.
  4. when my husband and i were dating, he purchased me my first chi flat iron for my birthday. at this time we weren’t living in the same town, so when i was talking about getting a new flat iron he literally gave me cash and said go and buy one. romantic right? haha! so ulta was having a sale on their chi irons so i went and grabbed one and the rest is history. this flat iron is beyond amazing and so worth the money. i’ve had it for almost 4 years and it still looks and acts brand new. if you’ve ever thought about getting a chi, take the plunge and do it. you will not regret it.
  5. on the day to day, i don’t really wear make up. however, i love to wear either lip gloss or lip stick every day. i feel like if my hair is done and i have lip stick on, i’m having a good day. right now, i’m obsessed with Maybelline lip sticks. in the Maybelline colors i love touchable toupe (940), and divine wine (695).
  6. if i’m not wearing lip stick you can bet i’m wearing eos lip balm. i’ve been using this brand for as long as i can remember and i’ve not purchased another one since. not only is it in a cute case but the flavors are great and moister for my lips is amazing.

there you have it! 6 things that i’m in love with right now. i’m sure in another couple of months these will change since i do like to mix things up a bit. but i would encourage everyone who reads this, try not to focus so much on the material things. life is about love, it’s about family and friendships. it’s about experiences. it’s about helping people. it’s not about getting caught up in the material items we have, while they are great to have. i’ve linked each item below for you to check out on your own! just click on the image to check them out in detail.

so tell me, what are your favorite things right now?!



shopping confessions

okay ladies. i must admit something. i’m a shopaholic. i just love to shop! i love clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, i love it all! and i know it drives my husband crazy. right now, with where God has us, we’re staying with my parents so our space is limited. very. limited. which means, my closet space is non-existent. which also means, that non-existent space? yeah, i have to share that with my boo. and that is not easy seeing as how he’s also into fashion. he just doesn’t have a shopping problem, praise God!

ever since i’ve been out of the retail world (worked for years before i moved), my shopping experience has changed drastically. i find myself not liking malls anymore. or even going to an actual store. crazy right? i’m in love with online shopping. i’m obsessed. i love that i can sit in bed, watch tv, and shop. it’s amazing. i have also loved shopping small. now, for those of you who don’t know what that is, let me explain. shopping small isn’t shopping for small people or small sizes, because i may be short but Lord knows I ain’t no small size! shopping small is all about supporting small businesses. It’s a huge trend right now. if you follow or have seen the American Express commercials, you’ll see what i’m talking about. (i tagged my favorite one here! It’s hilarious!!) i do love to shop small so i’ve purchased a lot from some shops but today i want to talk about one in particular, Trunk Collective.

one thing i love about Trunk Collective is their belief in shopping consciously. all of their items are chosen through fair trade. they make sure all of their pieces are sustainably sourced and are ethical brands. not only that, but every quarter they choose a new charity partner that is focused on environmental and wildlife conservation. plus!! 7% of their sales are donated to this chosen charity. how can you not want to choose a shop that does so much good! don’t like jewelry? it’s okay! they also carry accessories, active wear, home items and beauty items!


the items i purchased:

mykonos ring: absolutely love this ring! i also love that it is adjustable. buying rings online is very difficult for me because of the sizing issue. sometimes i find that the sizing isn’t always right. but what i love is that i didn’t have to worry about that with this purchase. this beauty fits nice and snug on my finger and all i had to do was make it a little tighter. this ring is made by mata traders. mata traders offers fair trade jewels that are made by some amazing artisans in india and nepal. purchasing from this brand through Trunk Collective allows members of different villages to earn a living and work their families and communities out of poverty.

crystal stone and june gold bar bracelet: buying these bracelets was probably my favorite purchase so far. not just because they are so adorable, but because of what the brand stands for. i am all about empowering other women. giving them a chance to reach their potential and feel like they have a purpose. and that is was Starfish Project does. they provide physically, emotionally, and sexually abused women with employment in a safe and supportive environment. and to make it better, they provide them with housing, counseling, educational opportunities, vocational training and health care. how can you not want to support a brand that does this?! these bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit and are great for stacking!!

listen guys, i’m not one to just promote people because i’m told to or even asked to. i do this because i believe in what this company stands for and the opportunities they are helping others receive. by the way, i was not asked to post about this brand nor am i getting paid to post about this brand. i just fell in love and i know you will too! make sure you check out their site and shop around for some amazing pieces. not because you need more jewelry, but because you want to provide an opportunity for someone who is in need. is there any better excuse to go shopping??


let me know what your favorite piece is! don’t forget to leave a comment, i’d love to connect with you!




skin care brands i love

constant battles i have is weight loss and skin care. now, while i’ve been able to deal with my weight loss battle, my skin care battle was suffering. until now that is. these products have completely changed my life. my skin has never looked better. i’ve settled on a great night time skin care routine that i love and i want to share these finds with you!



skin laundry restoring night serum: “This concentrated anti-aging mega serum helps brighten dark spots, even skin tone and texture, tighten and boost collagen. Contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and natural extracts that work together to help protect, repair and resurface skin.” (straight from product information on website)

and let me tell you, it does just that. my skin looks great. my skin tone has definitely improved. i have noticed the redness on my cheeks reduce greatly. this product is one i will definitely be purchasing again and again. because it is great for aging, it’s a great product to start using in your mid to late 20s. but i will say, i have already noticed the effects of this product and i’ve been using it for about 4 months.

himalayan charcoal mask by body shop: “Deeply cleanses and purifies the skin; Works to clean clogged pores and release impurities and toxins; Helps to reveal a healthy-looking, youthful glow” (straight from product information on website)

i stumbled across this product at the airport no less. in the philadelphia airport they actually have a body shop store. i had some extra time and they happened to be having a sale. so i dragged my husband with me and shopped till i dropped! this was one of the products i happened to purchase that day. one of the sales associates asked what i was looking for and i let her know my concerns with my face. i have oily skin, large pores, and blackheads that i have been dying to get rid of. this was one of the products she referred me to try and i am so glad that i did. this product feels great on my skin. its a thick clay so i find using a brush to apply it is best. it also has green tea leaves within the mask, which is amazing for exfoliating. i leave it on for about 8 minutes and rinse off with a wash cloth, wiping off in a circular motion to help exfoliate my skin. my face feels amazing after i use it! in the past 1.5 months that i have been using this product, my oily skin feels like it is finally under control. i don’t find myself as shiny at the end of a work day anymore. and i’ve begun to notice my pores are closing a little more with each use. this is definitely a must try if you have oily skin, large pores, blackheads, or just a good deep clean for your face!

seaweed oil-control gel cream: “This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin. Moisturizes dry areas; Balances excess sebum; Gives a matte, shine-free complexion” (straight from product information on website)

i. love. this. gel cream. i cannot say that enough. because i have oily skin, moisturizers are so hard for me to choose from. i also get scared that no matter what i use, my face will always look so oily. i’ve used other gel creams before but nothing compared to this one. in the last 1.5 months that i’ve been using this product, my oily face is under control. i love the matte finish it gives my face. so even on days that i don’t wear make-up, i don’t have to worry. now that it is winter, i’m alternating this gel cream with another moisturizer that i have to avoid super dry skin. this product is definitely one i would recommend for oily skin!

drops of youth – youth eye concentrate: “The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™ Youth Eye Concentrate is an effective roll-on pump eye product, taking its innovation from plant stem cell technology. The unique design supports a refreshing anti-fatigue and nourishing effect while improving microcirculation. Perfect for all skin types, use day and night. For a more intense treatment and for maximum benefit, use under your favorite eye treatment. / Smoother-looking skin; Fresher, more youthful eye contour; Reduced appearance of eye bags and fine lines” (straight from product information on website)

dark circles under my eyes have been something i have struggled with. i came to the conclusion that i needed a vacation for one and some eye cream for two. so while i was at body shop i noticed this beauty. its a roll-on pump, which i find absolutely convenient. i don’t have to touch any thing or apply too much pressure by using my fingers. i apply this every morning before i put on my seaweed gel cream than make up (if i choose to wear any). this is another great thing to start in your mid to late 20s. the dark circles under my eyes have been greatly reduced. i’ve also noticed that the skin under my eyes have been getting tighter and brighter. i’m so excited to keep using this amazing product and see how it changes my skin for the better!

there you have it! some of my favorite skin care products right now. tell me, what are your favorite products? have you tried any that i mentioned above? leave a comment below and tell me what you think!