this day two years ago i remember getting ready for one of the biggest days of my life. i, megan ocasio, am getting married. something i never thought i would do to be honest. but i knew it was the best decision that i made. saying yes to the man that i love. it was such a crazy day. it went by extremely fast. i just remember waking up thinking “holy crap i’m getting married today…” it was almost a surreal thought. i didn’t think that i would even doing this, ever. my husband is my best friend. i don’t know what i would do without him. he really is one of the only persons in my life that actually understand me. because let’s face it, i am weird. i am sarcastic. i have an attitude at times. but he knows how to deal with me and he knows how to handle me. i’ve been with guys in the past that just let me control every part of the relationship because they didn’t know how to handle me or how to deal with my emotions. but thank God that He brought me a man that can handle all of this craziness! plus he is super fine which is a huge bonus.


as a child, i never pictured what my wedding day would look like. if you know my testimony at all, to be honest i didn’t even think i would make it to see a wedding day of any kind. so when it came time to actually plan my wedding, good Lord. it was very difficult. and then, we decided to have a very short engagement so i had to plan this entire thing in 5 months. With my maid of honor living over an hour away and my mom living in another state. it was so hard. i remember my mom telling me that i needed to get a wedding planner book. i put it off for a couple weeks but finally pushed myself to go to barnes and noble. when i finally got there and found the aisle i needed, i broke down. i basically had a panic attack in the middle of the wedding planner aisle in this store. i’m like sitting on the floor staring at all these books. i had no idea which one i should choose or what should i do. i ended up calling my mom freaking out over it. thank goodness she calmed me down, and was able to help me decide on one. but to be honest, i didn’t even use it that much!! i should have saved my $30!! anywho, that was such a quick period of time in my life. i almost feel like we should have waited a bit longer so that we can just enjoy our engagement and be able to celebrate more. but in the end, i wouldn’t change it. cause if i’m honest, i’m not the type of person who likes to wait anyways. so the way it worked out was perfect for me. stressful as it still was. 

i definitely lucked out during my engagement time because my sister-in-law and mother-in-law really helped out with the concept and decorations for my wedding. my mother-in-law is amazing at floral arrangements, she used to actually have a flower shop years ago, so she created such beautiful flower arrangements for me. both also helped me with the color schemes and everything. for the women out there that are like me (basically never thought about a wedding or what you would want) find people that you really trust and allow them to help you. i’m telling you, when i opened myself up to the ideas that other people brought to me, 1. they were really good and i used some of them but 2. they sparked creativity in me and that allowed me to think up some other ideas for other aspects of the wedding. did everything come out perfectly? oh heck no. and your wedding day may not be perfect either, but that is okay. because you shouldn’t be there for a “perfect” wedding you should be there because you are marrying your best friend.

my wedding day flew by. i mean it just went by so fast i remember laying in bed that night thinking “what the hell just happened?!” seriously. all you brides out there, just know this, your wedding day will come and go faster than you can say “i do.” so get a videographer!! sadly i couldn’t afford to have one. but! please make that part of your budget. so you can look back on it whenever you want and relive that day. seriously it is such a special thing. 


today is my two year anniversary. i can’t believe it. but the last two years of my life have been amazing. we have had our hard times but that is expected. but we also have a solid foundation in Christ and that allows us the grace to give each other in those hard times. and allows us to learn to love each other more through the hard times. and in turn, makes our relationship stronger. marriage isn’t easy. marriage is not going to solve the problems that you may currently have in your relationship. marriage is not a way to move out of mom and dads house. marriage is about blending two lives together that have never been blended. marriage is hard. but if you find someone that you love beyond a shadow of a doubt, then those worries won’t be able to stop from going through with it. because you know that you both will work through any problem that may try to come against you. and they will. but allow your love for each other to help guide you through it all.

so to the love of my life, happy anniversary. i love you more now than before.