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I’m so excited and honored to have you join the Joy & Lily Oils Community! Please know, when you join my team you are also joining a much larger community of people who are here to support you on this journey! Our team has tons of resources, education groups, classes and more! When you sign up, you’ll be plugged into these groups so that you can hit the ground running. It’s our goal to make sure you start using your kit as soon as you get it in the mail!

Have more questions before you buy? Shoot me an email or send me a DM on Instagram. I’d love to chat with you about whatever questions or concerns you have! Ready to start your oils journey? Keep scrolling to grab some easy sign up instructions, information on what Subscribe To Save is & what exactly it means to be a member!

It’s now easier than ever to shop with Young Living! Check out the details below!

You now have 3 options to receive the 24% discount: 

Option 1: Purchase a starter bundle of your choice! We have multiple options including essential oil starter bundles, NingXia starter bundles, CBD starter bundles, Thieves starter bundles and KidScents starter bundles. 

Option 2: Put any item on Subscribe to Save! You can customize this order every month and cancel at any time. 

Option 3: Spend 100pv (around $100)

 Just in case, my member number is 20325290.

SUPER EASY!! Need product recommendations? Send me an email or DM on Instagram! 

Click here for some of my favorite products!


What is subscribe to save? 


Subscribe to Save is Young Living’s loyalty program, or their “monthly subscription box”. It’s completely customizable, from what products you want to order to what date you want it to process each month. And you get points back on your orders as soon as you enroll. You do not have to buy a kit to get started, and you don’t even have to only order oils through er. You can order laundry soap, hand soap, toothpaste, anything that young living offers. We use it to replace toxic items in our home monthly (laundry soap, hand soap, body wash, multivitamins), because who doesn’t love free points back for buying things they would have bought anyway?! It is really awesome for people who are going to order products monthly! 

Every Subscribe to Save order earns you points that you can use toward free products! The percentage you earn back on your order will grow until you can earn a generous 25% back!

  • 1–3 consecutive months: 10% back 

  • 4–24 consecutive months: 20% back 

  • 25+ consecutive months: 25% back

The points really add up quite quickly! Let’s say you placed orders for the first 3 consecutive months and they were all worth 100 pv. That means you earned 10 points each month for a total of 30 points. For the next 9 consecutive months (4-12), you placed orders worth 100 pv as well. That means you earned 20 points each month for a total of 180 pv. So in one year, you earned 210 points!!! 

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