the importance of a vacation!

sometimes life just gets so crazy for me. my husband and i stay extremely busy so when we get the chance to go away for a couple of days, we jump at the chance. a vacation is something i will always recommend to anyone who has a busier then normal lifestyle. even if it’s just for a few days, go away and recharge yourself. when my husband and i decided to go on a cruise, i was beyond ready and excited for this. we only did a 4day/3night cruise, but that was exactly what we needed. time away from the craziness and our phones for a chance to relax and just be together. most of the time, even when we’re together, one or both of us is on our phone so we’re not really together. which is another tip for newly married couples, put the technology down when you’re spending time together. learn to talk to each other about things. joke around together. act silly with each other. just have fun together and learn to be together with no interruptions. even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day, trust me, you’ll see a difference in your relationship.


we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise, which was through royal caribbean to the bahamas. this was our first cruise together as a married couple so it was a fun experience. normally, you need to go through an experience so you can be more prepared for the future. after this trip, i now know what i need to bring on my next cruise just in case. the first excursion we did was a beach day. and let me tell you, that sun down there is no joke. even though i applied sunscreen like 4 times that day, we still got burnt. and not just a small little sun burn but like lobster face burnt. it was terrible and i was so upset. clearly the sunscreen i brought was not strong enough. the only good thing is that we didn’t plan to do a lot of excursions. this vacation was more for lounging around and relaxing. so we brought our books to read and were able to hang out on the pool deck under the covering.

so what i wanted to do is share my experience and let you guys know what i would recommend that you bring with you on your next vacation. i always like to be over prepared and im sure you do too!

  1. sunscreen: so we brought 30 spf with us. not strong enough. i would highly recommend going with 50 spf or higher, especially if you’re going to the caribbean. the sun down there is not the same so don’t act like you know it is. be safe!
  2. aloe vera: i would highly recommend bringing some aloe vera with you especially if you’re going on a cruise. that stuff sells out quickly on the boat and it’s so overpriced anyways. in the case that you do get burned you’re going to be happy you brought this, trust me. if you don’t have aloe available to you, bring preparation-H.  it may sound crazy but this stuff legit helps relieve any burns you may get being in the sun. we tried it for my husband and it worked.
  3. small handbag: normally i love to tote around my huge MK wherever im traveling. but i have learned to carry light. bringing only the essentials. and for those times where i need to bring a lot of with me, i will always bring a small cross body with me. whenever you’re traveling, no matter where you go, i would always recommend a cross body with a zipper top. that way you can ensure your belongings are protected.
  4. books: the best things about vacation is that you can spend all day reading your favorite book and relax without feeling judged. this is the place and time to do it! sometimes cruise ships can seem boring if you’re not into drinking or gambling (which im not) so having another form of entertainment for yourself is key.
  5. comfortable shoes: this is something i missed. i wish i would have gone to like sketchers or nike to grab some comfy sandals to wear around the beach. having good shoes is no joke either.


so there you have it! 5 of my top suggestions for traveling, either on a cruise or on land. what are your favorite travel goodies?? leave them in the comments below!


weight loss craze!

i don’t know if you’re like me, but im obsessive over the strangest things. well some strange, some not so strange. im obsessed with my skin, my hair, my eyebrows and of course my weight. ever since i finished chemotherapy, ive been obsessed with my weight. mainly because while i was on chemo, i gained so much weight. of course, as a young girl it messed with my self-esteem, i think at that age it’s something that is natural. but as ive gotten older, that obsession has both grown at times yet died at times. i go through these stages of my life where i don’t care what i weigh, and other times i can’t stop thinking about it. what ive come to realize, is all this obsessing has made me miss out on a lot of things. ive stopped enjoying food because i was so worried about gaining weight. i would stress over it so much that i actually had a reverse effect on my body. because i was so stressed over my weight, i would gain weight!! but that is just how my body works. so lately, ive come to this conclusion: this is who i am. this body is what God created for me. do i want to make sure im taking care of myself health wise? of course!! but no longer will i allow the stress of weight loss to control me. so today i wanted to share some of my favorite tips on how you can make small changes toward a healthier you!

multi vitamin: the easiest way to start on the trail to a healthy life is picking up a multi vitamin. there are so many options out there right now, but i wanted to share a few of my favorite.

  1. natures bounty women’s multivitamin: this is a good option for those who hate taking pills. these gummies taste good and are a great way to start adding in some vitamins to your day.
  2. juice plus: i’ve been taking these vitamins for over two years. i absolutely love them and how i’ve felt while taking them. i take the pill form but here are the gummy options. there are two option, the orchard and garden blend and they are made from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. for those who tend to not eat a ton of fruits or veggies everyday, this is a great option.

8 glasses of water: another tip is to make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday! this is something i’m always working on because i tend to get caught up in my work that before i know it, it’s already time to leave and i haven’t drank any water. one way that does help to remind me is having a colorful water bottle. because the color draws my attention away from the computer screen, it prompts me to take a drink. here are super cute water bottle options for you!

  1. s’well water bottle: i love this water bottle because it’s completely insulated. it keeps my cold water cold all day long.
  2. yeti insulated tumbler: another great option. they come in fun colors and also keep your drinks cold all day long. my co-worker has this brand and is completely in love with it.
  3. contigo snapseal: this is another great option. my close friend and boss both have this brand and also love it. i’m pretty sure my boss loved it so much that she bought two!

add some color: adding some color to your food choices is always a great option! the more color, the better! add in some salad, fruits, or veggies to your meal to add some extra healthy love to your meal.

take a walk / add activity: this one, of course, isn’t my favorite but i do it. because i sit all day long at my current job, i like to make sure i spend a minimum of 30 minutes doing some kind of activity. that could be going for a long walk with my husband or getting on our stationary bike. whatever activity you like to, do at least 30 minutes a day and it will definitely help. better yet, start taking the stairs as a small step to add in some activity!

relax: this is something that i’m not the best at, but is something that is needed! stress can cause weight gain. no matter how much you change your food choices, being stressed will cause your body to gain weight. trust me, it’s happened to me plenty of times. the more i let my body relax, the easier it is for me to remain at a healthier state.

of course, these are all my personal opinions, but from my 26 years of like, i have learned what to do and what not to do when it comes keeping myself healthy. do you have tips that you do to keep yourself at your best? share them below!



victoria beckham for target

can we please talk about this new victoria beckham collection at target????!! i have been waiting for this release since i first saw it announced. i could barely contain myself! luckily the day it came out, i was able to snag some pieces. i live in a small town, which this time came to my advantage! after church on sunday, i decided to sneak away by myself to “take a drive.” meaning i was on my way target to check out this collection. sneaky, i know, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 

i arrived at target at the perfect time. it wasn’t busy at all. i walked up to the new collection and just started browsing. sadly, a lot of pieces were sold out in my size but i was able to still get two pieces that i loved. the first was her scalloped black halter top and the second was a black romper. both caught my eye because of the detail, and let’s face it I cannot stay away from black. it’s my color! 


i quickly grabbed these two pieces and put them in my cart so i could get to the dressing room. like i mentioned before, there were a lot of items i really wanted to try on but they were either an x-small or x-large. nothing that worked for me. normally I could do an xl in tops and get away with it, but the way her sizes ran, it was too big. anywho, dressing room time. 

i tried on these two pieces and of course fell in love instantly, i mean who wouldn’t. the top was extremely comfortable and i just felt great in it. it’s great to wear with jeans and heels or flats and it’s perfect with dress pants for work. the detail on this top is amazing too. im not one for much overstated items, which is why i think im so drawn to this collection. victoria beckham does an amazing job at creating fashion that is eye-catching yet simple. perfect combination for me and my personality. the top size wise was good. right now, it fits more on the loose side which is what i prefer. i will most likely need to take it in at some point just because im going through this workout/weight loss phase. (not quite sure how long it will last but we shall see.) but the way the top is now, it perfect size wise for me. 


the romper was also the perfect size. i really don’t like clothes that are too fitted. for me, im just not comfortable in extremely tight clothes, especially rompers. to me, a romper should be lose and comfy yet stylish. which is this what this romper does. it has great structure and simple detailing that i love. i will say that because of the size run, if i lose anymore weight, i will have to take this in. it’s not meant to be extremely fitted so just be mindful of that. 

i wasn’t able to get anything else cause there was nothing left in my size. but ive linked some other items that recently released with the victoria beckham collection here so that you can shop them for yourself! happy shopping loves!!


rosy voxbox fun!

okay guys, so i wanted to talk about the influenster rosy voxbox that i received. there were so many amazing things that were included that i’m just going to break them down individually, then link each one so that you can check them out too!


  1. Vera Wang Embrace: okay so scents. i go through stages with perfumes. i’ll go through a stage where i’ll put it on every day and then i’ll go through a stage where i don’t wear it for a year. i’m just weird that way. but when i love about the vera wang scents that i received compliments of influenster, is that they are not overwhelming. i can wear them to work and not feel like i’m filling up the entire room with some scent that everyone hates. the green tea scent that i received is the perfect scent for someone who doesn’t want anything too overbearing but yet makes that perfect subtle statement when you walk by.
  2. purell hand sanitizer: so tell me..who wouldn’t love purell?! with all the crazy weather changes, colds and flus going around, i keep this baby by my side. i cannot go anywhere without it because, i don’t know about you, but i don’t have time to get sick!
  3. fancy feet: i live in insoles. confession time: i have flat feet. like a freakin board. so any kind of insoles that i can get to put inside my shoes, i’m going to love. these insoles by fancy feet are super easy to apply and slip right into my shoe. plus they are very comfortable. for me, i love to add them to my heels instead of flats to add another layer of comfort.
  4. secret clinical strength deodorant: i’ve been using secret clinical strength for years now. i actually just ran out before i got this box so it came in handy!! i seriously love this deodorant. it is the only one that i have found that keeps me smelling fresh all day. seriously.
  5. not your mothers beach babe: okay so i have to be honest. this spray smells super good, i feel like i’m on the beach with it, but i don’t use it very often. mainly hair is already wavy/curly! it does help to give it an extra boost but it doesn’t give me those beach waves because i pretty much have them naturally. but! if you don’t have curly hair, please give this a try. it’s a great spray to give your hair that beachy wave look. plus i just love this brand and everything they make.

there you have it! make sure you check out each of these items on the links attached (click the name). trust me, you’re not gonna regret it!!



wedding day

this day two years ago i remember getting ready for one of the biggest days of my life. i, megan ocasio, am getting married. something i never thought i would do to be honest. but i knew it was the best decision that i made. saying yes to the man that i love. it was such a crazy day. it went by extremely fast. i just remember waking up thinking “holy crap i’m getting married today…” it was almost a surreal thought. i didn’t think that i would even doing this, ever. my husband is my best friend. i don’t know what i would do without him. he really is one of the only persons in my life that actually understand me. because let’s face it, i am weird. i am sarcastic. i have an attitude at times. but he knows how to deal with me and he knows how to handle me. i’ve been with guys in the past that just let me control every part of the relationship because they didn’t know how to handle me or how to deal with my emotions. but thank God that He brought me a man that can handle all of this craziness! plus he is super fine which is a huge bonus.


as a child, i never pictured what my wedding day would look like. if you know my testimony at all, to be honest i didn’t even think i would make it to see a wedding day of any kind. so when it came time to actually plan my wedding, good Lord. it was very difficult. and then, we decided to have a very short engagement so i had to plan this entire thing in 5 months. With my maid of honor living over an hour away and my mom living in another state. it was so hard. i remember my mom telling me that i needed to get a wedding planner book. i put it off for a couple weeks but finally pushed myself to go to barnes and noble. when i finally got there and found the aisle i needed, i broke down. i basically had a panic attack in the middle of the wedding planner aisle in this store. i’m like sitting on the floor staring at all these books. i had no idea which one i should choose or what should i do. i ended up calling my mom freaking out over it. thank goodness she calmed me down, and was able to help me decide on one. but to be honest, i didn’t even use it that much!! i should have saved my $30!! anywho, that was such a quick period of time in my life. i almost feel like we should have waited a bit longer so that we can just enjoy our engagement and be able to celebrate more. but in the end, i wouldn’t change it. cause if i’m honest, i’m not the type of person who likes to wait anyways. so the way it worked out was perfect for me. stressful as it still was. 

i definitely lucked out during my engagement time because my sister-in-law and mother-in-law really helped out with the concept and decorations for my wedding. my mother-in-law is amazing at floral arrangements, she used to actually have a flower shop years ago, so she created such beautiful flower arrangements for me. both also helped me with the color schemes and everything. for the women out there that are like me (basically never thought about a wedding or what you would want) find people that you really trust and allow them to help you. i’m telling you, when i opened myself up to the ideas that other people brought to me, 1. they were really good and i used some of them but 2. they sparked creativity in me and that allowed me to think up some other ideas for other aspects of the wedding. did everything come out perfectly? oh heck no. and your wedding day may not be perfect either, but that is okay. because you shouldn’t be there for a “perfect” wedding you should be there because you are marrying your best friend.

my wedding day flew by. i mean it just went by so fast i remember laying in bed that night thinking “what the hell just happened?!” seriously. all you brides out there, just know this, your wedding day will come and go faster than you can say “i do.” so get a videographer!! sadly i couldn’t afford to have one. but! please make that part of your budget. so you can look back on it whenever you want and relive that day. seriously it is such a special thing. 


today is my two year anniversary. i can’t believe it. but the last two years of my life have been amazing. we have had our hard times but that is expected. but we also have a solid foundation in Christ and that allows us the grace to give each other in those hard times. and allows us to learn to love each other more through the hard times. and in turn, makes our relationship stronger. marriage isn’t easy. marriage is not going to solve the problems that you may currently have in your relationship. marriage is not a way to move out of mom and dads house. marriage is about blending two lives together that have never been blended. marriage is hard. but if you find someone that you love beyond a shadow of a doubt, then those worries won’t be able to stop from going through with it. because you know that you both will work through any problem that may try to come against you. and they will. but allow your love for each other to help guide you through it all.

so to the love of my life, happy anniversary. i love you more now than before.



shop AMaVO – favorite things

okay guys, it has been a while since i’ve posted about some products or shops that i love. so this weekend is all about things i love! we are starting out the weekend talking about my new friends at Shop AMaVo. i stumbled upon this shop a couple of months ago and quickly fell in love with everything they have! they have the cutest accessories and clothes and beyond that they share an amazing message. what they aim to do with their shop is inspire women to be confident in who God created you to be. we are created in His image and are made beautiful. through the uniqueness of their clothing and accessories, you can express yourself in a way that is true to who you are. and can i tell you, that is something that i just love.

not only do i love fashion but i am obsessed with coffee. this addiction started at a young age but i am just not willing to give it up yet. because i love coffee so much, i have grown to love coffee mugs. because how else can you drink coffee if not out of a super cute mug?! i am actually obsessed with coffee mugs to be honest. so much so that i now love to collect them. as soon as i have my own house, i am going to dedicate a wall in my kitchen to all my coffee mugs and display them oh so proudly. you know, get all pinterest with it and stuff. i think right now i have like 10 or 12 that are just mine. and my collection keeps growing. mainly because my husband keeps buying me new cups! but i am so grateful that to say that i received a coffee mug from Shop AMaVO in the mail and it is beyond cute. the saying it and of itself is one of my favorite. plus, the color is just darling.


okay guys, let just get real for a second. this world we live in isn’t the best. it isn’t the nicest. especially when it comes to women. there has always been this stigma with women and the way we are “supposed” to look. can i just tell you how much i hate that? every woman is beautiful. we are each made differently. we each display different creative thoughts that God had when He created us. He didn’t want us all to look the same. He doesn’t care about your pant size or your bra size. He cares about you. He cares about your heart. as i sit here writing this, i can’t tell you how many thoughts are coming to my mind. thoughts of when i was younger and struggled with these issues of self-confidence and body positivity. i wasn’t the skinny girl in the class. for crying out loud, i spent most of my puberty bald because of leukemia. that created so much insecurity within myself that i looked to things i shouldn’t have to try and feel accepted. it wasn’t until i allowed myself to feel loved by God that i started to love myself. i still have days where i do struggle, that’s part of life. but in the end, i can now say that i am beautiful. i can have a confidence in myself that i never thought i could have. so, when i see little things like this coffee, i don’t just see a coffee mug. i see a chance to tell another woman that she is “clothed in strength and dignity.” by sharing a simple message like this, you plant a seed in a woman’s heart. a seed that begins to grow within her, building her love for herself. building her confidence. and speaking God’s love into her life.

so i’m going to challenge you, get this mug for someone you think needs a little confidence boost. trust me, it’ll make a difference. and if you use code BloggerMegan, you’ll get 15% off your purchase. how about we spread some love ladies? i think it’s about time, don’t you?



click here to shop their amazing items. i received this gorgeous coffee mug compliments of Shop AMaVO however all opinions are my own.

nyc fun

hello everyone! this past weekend i spent some time in nyc with my hubby and two of our really close friends. i wanted to share some of the places that we visited cause they were pretty awesome!

  • cookie dough confections: normally this isn’t a place that i would ever go to. i’m not a huge cookie dough fan but because of who i was with, i made the exception. when we got there we soon realized that the line to get in started across the street. that’s right, across the street. now mind you it was like freezing cold this day so that didn’t add to our excitement. but we all decided to just stand in line and wait because we made the trip out there anyways. we waited about an hour in line before we got inside the place. than waiting another 15ish minutes before we got served. side note: one of the servers told us that the line was about 4 hours long earlier in the day so our wait wasn’t bad. 4 hours!! craziness! anywho, once we got in and defrosted, it was actually a really cool experience.

    i was able to take some pictures of the inside so you guys can see what it looks like. they give you a menu while you wait and on that menu is a ton of different cookie dough options that you can choose from. you can basically order your cookie dough like you would ice cream. cup or cone. 1 scoop or 2. so crazy. i never would have thought to create something like this, but hey, people love sugar so i guess it works! i got the heavenly mix which consisted of sugar cookie, chocolate chips, nutella, caramel bits and sea salt. plus it was gluten free! they also have some vegan options too which i thought was pretty cool.

    as much as i’m not really a cookie dough person, i thoroughly enjoyed this experience. the waiting in line was a little crazy, but it was something different for me so i’m glad i did it. plus the cookie dough tasted really good. not even gonna lie on that one. granted i couldn’t finish it all because it was a lot of sugar for me and i hardly ever eat anything sweet. but the taste was amazing. the customer service was just as equally amazing. everyone that worked there was extremely friendly and helpful. some of us had some questions and they were very gracious with us. they even had the back section of their store walled off with glass so that you can see them mixing the different flavors. that part was super cool too. pricing wasn’t bad either. i got 1 scoop in a cup and my husband got 1 scoop in a cone and that came out to a little less than $10. which for nyc, is not bad at all! personally, i don’t think i can say that it would be worth the wait if it was more than 1 hour. because i’m not into it that much. but if you love cookie dough and won’t mind waiting, then go right ahead! also, i would suggest waiting closer to spring time and not winter. its too cold to wait outside like that. but if you’re in nyc, definitely try to add it during your visit. the décor on the inside is super cute you’ll really enjoy it!

  • chelsea market: okay so the chelsea market is beyond cute. it’s an indoor market with tons of cute restaurants and shops. its perfect during the winter because it’s indoors so you can escape the frigid cold air. it was so fun just to walk around and see the different restaurants and shops. they had this super cute flea market style area with at least 12 different pop-up shops. it was really fun to see the creativity that is out there and what kinds of fashion or jewelry items people create. how cute is this wall of lights?!?! can i please have this in my house?…IMG_4218
  • los tacos: within chelsea market, we decided to eat at los tacos. of course there was a line which told me it was going to be great. so they sell tacos individually, so you can get like one chicken and one steak, or whatever you want. we decided to share 4 steak tacos and chips with guacamole. the steak was amazing. i would go back just to eat those tacos again. the guac was pretty good too. the flavor was really good but it wasn’t as dense as i like my guac. for me personally it was a little runny, but it was still good flavor wise. this is definitely a place i would go back to again.IMG_4222
  • hampton inn seaport-financial district: since i spent the weekend, i thought i should speak about our hotel experience. we decided to stay at the hampton inn. it really wasn’t anything special it was just a quick booking through the customer service was amazing. the room was great. the only issue we had was the first room we had, the hvac was not working properly, but they worked extremely quickly to move us to a different room and they actually upgraded us in the process. i would definitely go back to this location to stay again.

there you have it guys! just a few of the stops i made this past weekend. make sure you subscribe to my email list so that you can stay up to date with my posts and other travel tips! do you have some favorite places in nyc?? leave a comment and let me know so i can check it out! xoxo

let’s get real

do you guys ever have those days that you wish could just disappear and you could start over? like just get back into bed and restart everything. anyone? well i had one of those days today. seriously it was tough. and getting myself to stay in track with this blog is even tougher. because all i want to do is crawl back into bed and pretend like nothing happened. but i can’t. i have to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. as much as i hate even telling myself that. 

the hardest thing for me is not being completely in love with my job. i like it. i love my co-workers but i really wish i could be doing something else to be honest. but like i’ve said in previous posts, this is where God has me right now. so i’ve been trying to make the best of it. well today, it wasn’t the best day. started out okay. but than i got to work and had this crazy migraine. then i didn’t even have a chance to make my coffee until lunch. and of course the migraine stayed all day. and some other issues happened at work that i won’t disclose, but let’s just say i couldn’t focus all day because of it. i just kept wishing that i would wake up and this would all be a dream. do you ever feel like that? Like if you sit and stare at the wall long enough you’ll wake yourself up from your nightmare and be able to start over and forget what you just went through. but the hardest thing for me sometimes is realizing that, staring at a wall isn’t going to wake me up. because i’m already in reality. 

when you’re just a kid you don’t really understand what it means to be an adult. you live life carefree because your parents are taking care of you. they provide everything you need and want. so when a child thinks about what a grown ups life is like, at least for me, you think that someone will always be there to take care of you. someone will always be there to make you dinner or fold your clothes or make your bed. but the reality of it is, that’s not the case. when you grow up, and have to face tough situations, there isn’t anyone there to shield you from the pain. you just have to grin and bare it. you just have to take it in, realize you can’t change it, and figure out how to move on with your life. 

there are so many things i could say, but as i’ve gotten older and my relationship with Christ has grown, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park. i think that’s a huge misconception that people have in regards to Christians. that we have it so easy, we don’t understand what the “real” world is all about. but that’s far from the truth. we still go through stuff. we still have bad days. we still get migraines and sometimes our bosses just make us so mad with decisions they make. that’s normal. but it’s how’s we deal with these situations that make us stand out as Christians. 

today i had the opportunity to really tell someone off. i mean really give him a piece of my mind. i was angry. i felt it would have been well-deserved. this person has treated other co-workers of mine wrong, so i felt it was my duty to give him this long list of wrongs he’d done. and he even gave me the opportunity to speak my mind and share my thoughts with him about a situation. but within moments of me speaking, the only words that actually came out of my mouth were “i’m not concerned because God is in control.” my biggest opportunity and spotlight moment came down to those 8 words. “i’m not concerned because God is in control.” 

i almost couldn’t believe myself after i said it. like “hey stupid this was your shot what are you doing?!?” and i still stuck with my first sentence. nothing changed. today i realized how much a persons actions can change the plans of God. today i realized how important it is for me to always be in His will and make sure that the decisions i make are what He wants me to make. because i really don’t know how my actions can affect others. and today, while i was sitting in that room, listening to this person speak to me, literally all i could think of was “i’m not concerned because God is in control.” and you know, i actually believe that. yes, i was angry in the moment and saddened, but i still know everything will be fine. i’m seeing day by day how God is shifting things and moving things into His perfect plan for us. it’s amazing. i’m so amazed at how God can take something He originally intended for good but man kind of jacked it up, and still make something beautiful out of it. 

just know, no matter what you’re going through, God can still make something beautiful out of it. no matter what it is..


new spring pieces

with the spring coming so quickly, i knew that this would the perfect time really clear out the old and bring in some new. of course, like many others, i’ve got to stick to a budget. so of course i’ve been scouring the web to find some stores that have the latest and greatest at a decent price. i found some great stores that have some great fashion and i wanted to share them with you!


misguided: my aunt is actually the first person who introduced me to misguided. i went on their app and searched for some new items to try and add to my closet. they had very good prices. i did order a couple of pieces from them. i kept two of the three because of sizing. i was definitely off in my measurements but thankfully i was able to get at least one item. i got this great black long sleeve top with a cold shoulder. it is super cute and comfortable. it is a little longer than i originally thought, but its great to wear with skinny jeans or leggings without feeling like my butt is on display for the world to see. plus they have a student discount!! can’t go wrong with that!!


old navy: in general, i love old navy. i love their style and prices. i got this super cute long sleeve striped top with a lace-up detail in the front. it is so unbelievably comfortable. the material is breathable and not constricting. especially for me, i have a wide back so it’s hard to find tops that fit comfortably. i usually find tops that are perfect on my back but so baggy around my stomach area. but this top actually fits perfectly all around. i actually got another top from old navy that day. it was a short sleeve striped top but it was a baggier style of top. which i love with boyfriend jeans and flats. i tried to link both tops but i was only able to find the long sleeve one. but definitely check this one out! Long Sleeve Striped Top

okay so this isn’t a long post but i will keep you updated on other pieces that i buy and where you can them too. check out my post about spring fashion as well for other trends that are very in right now. you will definitely want to add these to your wardrobe soon!






today i wanted to share a topic that is very special to me, music. as a young child, i began to play the piano at the age of 6. when i first started playing, i just fell in love with how i could create beautiful sounds with my hands. i was obsessed with playing disney songs. any songs my teacher would bring for me to learn that was disney, i just loved. it made me feel like i was a princess in that story. i would even sing along for most of the songs that i learned. once i was diagnosed with leukemia at 8, i wasn’t able to play as often. but when i did get those spare moments, it became my escape. it was my chance to free myself from my current situation. i was able to live outside of my reality even for only a few moments. it was an amazing experience. one like no other.

i became amazed at a young age at how much music can affect one’s life and even mood. have you ever thought about that? how you can play one song and it will either make you happy or sad. most of the time without you even realizing it. music can even inspire you without you realizing it. that is the kind of power that it has over you.

granted, i went through a period of time where i stopped wanting to play piano. as i got older, with the effects the leukemia had on my body, i became more and more self-conscious. i just didn’t want to be seen doing anything that would draw attention to myself. i would even wait until everyone was out of the house so that i could practice and sing. those moments were what i looked forward to. even to this day, i have hard time playing in front of people because i just don’t like the attention that it draws to me. but regardless, i had this love that i couldn’t just let go of. for playing music or listening to music.

at a young age, i always wanted to be an artist. i wanted to be someone who created beautiful music. i wanted to be someone who was able to inspire someone or touch someones life with just a song. even at 26 years of age, i still have fear that holds me back from really creating something beautiful. but as the years have gone by, that fear has grown smaller and smaller. and i know that once i allowed myself to really be free again and create something, i will be free from that.

music for me touched my life in more ways that i can explain. it was the only outlet that i had during a touch time in my life. it was my only friend. it was the one person, aside from God, that could understand what i was going through. music was God talking to me. conversing with me on a daily basis through sound. and even though at that time i didn’t know who He really was, i knew that He was talking to me. drawing me closer to Him through this avenue. it’s amazing. there are no words to describe how it makes me feel. but i thank God that he allowed me the chance to grow a love for music.

that was my first experience with music. what was yours? tell me in the comment sections below, i’d love to hear your stories.