I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I LOVE skincare. Well…maybe obsessed with it is a better word. Either way, it’s my thing! I wanted to share some of my favorite skincare items with you guys today! 








Jade Rollers

Jade Rollers are a MUST! I use this after I apply my serum and moisturizer! This helps your skin absorb your products better along with some other amazing benefits. Benefits include: draining lymph nodes, relieving stress and tension, depuff skin, helps with dark circles, reduces inflammation, tones facial muscles, boosts collagen, and more!




Art Light Moisturizer

Art Light Moisturizer: I’ve been using this moisturizer for about a month now and I’m obsessed. I’m kind of annoyed with myself that I didn’t get it sooner actually. If you have oily skin, this is a great moisturizer for you! It’s nice and light, so it’ll moisturize your face without leaving it feeling greasy. Which is a tough thing to find for us oily skin gals!




DIY Facial Cleanser

Okay, this may sound weird but I make my own facial cleanser! This was the very first DIY that I did after buying my starter kit two years ago. After that, I’ve never looked back. I did take a break from it for a few months to try out a new cleanser that Young Living came out with (which I also loved) but ended up going back to the DIY recipe. For the only reason that it was more cost effective for me personally (ya girl is on a budget!). 

DIY Facial Cleanser

1/4 Cup Baby Mild Castille Soap

2/3 Cup Distilled Water

2 Tablespoons JoJoba Oil

4 Drops of Lavender EO

2 Drops Lemon EO

20 Drops Tea Tree EO







DIY Facial Toner




Once you cleanse or exfoliate, you need to bring your skins Ph balance back. That is where toner comes in! It also helps to remove anything that your cleanser may have missed on your skin, preps your skin for your serum, plus has a calming affect that feels amazing. I use the recipe below which is geared more towards oily skin. I use a 4oz glass bottle to store my toner. Blue Tansy is definitely a pricey oil so make sure to save those rewards points to grab this oil! It’ll last you a while too! Here is the recipe that I use:




4 oz glass bottle




Fill ¾ with alcohol free witch hazel




Fill rest with distilled water




10 drops of Geranium EO




5 drops of Blue Tansy EO


5 drops of Tea Tree 




DIY Facial Serum 

I use this facial serum every night. Especially during these winter months. This cold weather is tough on the skin. So, at night I like to make sure that my skin is plenty hydrated. I’ll use this serum after my essence. (I use the Bloom Essence from the newest skin care line with Young Living. I’ve been using it for 9ish months and its really helped my skin. I have redness in my skin, so this helps to brighten and even my skin tone. One bottle lasted me close to 9 months. You don’t need a lot at all, and I use it morning and night. I’ve also been loving the CBD Beauty Boost!!) 

4 oz. JoJoba Oil (I use JoJoba oil because it closely resembles our skins natural oils and won’t clog your pores. Also, a little tip – add your oils directly to this bottle. No need to switch it to a different one! Easy peasy!)

10 drops of Frankincense EO (this oil comes in a starter kit! If you only get a starter kit, you can use Frankincense, Lavender and Lemon in your facial serum!)

5 drop of Geranium EO

5 drops Blue Tansy EO





Satin Facial Scrub – Mint

You guys, I LOVE this facial scrub! It’s not very harsh at all which is why I love it so much. My skin leans more toward the sensitive side, so I try to not overdo it with harsh scrubs or exfoliators. So, this scrub is perfect for me. I do this 1-2 times a week. Usually after I wear a lot of make-up to get a really good deep clean. This tube lasts a while too because you don’t need a lot and you don’t need to use it every day.

Wolfberry Eye Cream

I’ve been using this eye cream for like two weeks now and I already love it. It’s pricey BUT it will last you a long time. I can already tell. I’ve used it every day for two weeks, twice a day, and I haven’t made a dent in that jar. You don’t need a lot at all. I can’t wait to see more results as I keep using it. I promise to keep you updated!!



There you have it!! Everything that I use DAILY!! Getting a good skincare routine IS A MUST!! Do not skip a good skincare routine you guys. If you want to take care of your skin and keep looking young as you age, get that routine down pact now! 

 I’d love to hear from you! What’s your daily skincare routine look like? Let me know in the comments below!


 Till Next Time Friend,