Simple Cleaning Schedule


Cleaning is something I absolutely hate doing but is something that I need to do since I hate a dirty house! So I created a Simple Cleaning Schedule that I follow every day of the week to help keep my place nice and clean. And the best part is, I split everything up during the week so that my weekends are free to do whatever I want!

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Sinks / Toilets

Tuesday: Tub / Shower

Wednesday: Vacuum / Floors

Thursday: Laundry / Once a Month cleaning

Friday: Dust


Microwave – The microwave is definitely a lot easier to clean because I just use my anti-bac cleaner. I’ll link all the cleaning products that I use below for you guys!

Ceiling Fans – This is an easy task so I never feel like it’s a huge burden. In our apartment we only have one ceiling fan so it doesn’t take me very long.


Clean out fridge – Once a month, I take the time to empty my fridge and scrub it down. While I do this, I also take the time to make sure all the food in there hasn’t expired at all. It takes some elbow grease but it’s so worth seeing everything nice and clean in there!

Scrub cabinets – I don’t have to do this every month or even on all my cabinets. I really have to focus on the cabinets that are close to my stove. Sometimes grease may end up on there depending on what I have been cooking that month. I use a basic anti-bac cleaner and a sponge and just go to town! Because I have a small kitchen this only takes me about 10 minutes.

Clean air vents / bathroom vents – Another easy task, cleaning our vents. Our apartment is a little weird in that our air vent doesn’t have a fan that is accessible to us. But the vents that we do have access to in our apartment, I use our vacuum cleaner to clean out any dust that may have accumulated on the outside.

Clean laundry room (behind machines) – Because I’m pregnant, I can’t do this one that easily. So I have my husband help me move the machines so that I can vacuum any dust that may have accumulated behind them.

Every Two Months

Clean Oven – Also, because I’m pregnant, I can’t do this one that much because of the fumes. My mother came to visit me and graciously cleaned my oven for me. This one isn’t the easiest thing to do because it does mean you have to scrub but it’s worth seeing a nice and clean oven!

Cleaning Products:

Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner

Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Method Stainless Steel Cleaner

Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

So I hope this little guide help alleviate some cleaning pressure during the week! I listed some of the natural cleaning products that I like to use but I’d love to hear what some of your favorite cleaning products are! Let me know below!



Pantry Organization


It’s safe to say that I’m entering into this nesting stage of my pregnancy. I’m wanting to redo and/or organize everything in my home. I think I might be driving my husband a little crazy!! He has put limitations on what I can do though. Basically, I can’t paint but everything else is free reign! Heyyoooo!!!

So today, lets talk about pantry organization. An organized pantry is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time but never actually ventured into doing. Mainly because our “pantry” really only consisted of some metal IKEA shelves stacked together. It served it’s purpose for a time but it really wasn’t letting me make the most out of the space in general. A few weeks ago, my parents decided to come and visit me for a week and my amazing dad actually built us a pantry! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I know that may sound weird to some, but that’s okay.

He was able to put up some white shelving all up the wall for us and he even created these two shelving units on the sides to house all of our cans and the random sized bottles that we may have. This is seriously the perfect thing for us!

When this was finished, I knew that I wanted to get clear containers to house everything. But, I don’t have the budget to go to The Container Store to purchase everything, even though I seriously love that store. So I started to search through Amazon to try and find some inexpensive solutions but really couldn’t find much within my budget. Then I thought, what about the Dollar Store? I wasn’t sure that my Dollar Store would even have what I needed but I figured it was a good place to start.

I went to the Dollar Store and the kitchen section actually had a lot of options! I was able to find a bunch of clear containers to house everything I need. It did take a few trips going back and forth to see what they had but it was well worth it. Everything in this pantry (container wise) only cost me $1 each.


If you’re starting out on a pantry organization journey, don’t be afraid of the Dollar Store! I feel like people think they need to buy all organization items from The Container Store all the time. And while I love that store, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in my budget. So, when you’re on a budget, you have to be creative. And a creative option is digging through your local Dollar Store! Even if it means buying all of the clear containers they may have!

What are some of your favorite organization tips? Let me know below! I’d also love to hear from you guys! Leave all questions or comments below!