Fresh or Frozen?

A lot of people have opinions on the whole fresh or frozen veggie topic. I decided that I wanted to do some research into the differences between fresh or frozen veggies.


The first thing I will say is that I lean towards frozen veggies more than fresh. Here is the reason why: my lifestyle! I love eating healthy first and foremost. My husband and I tend to lean more towards the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. We aren’t extremely strict about it but we do our best. However, we are so busy it’s crazy. We travel every weekend and our weeks are filled with working, full-time school, rehearsals, and so many other things. Because of that, I tend to purchase frozen veggies that I can quickly make with some kind of protein so that we can eat quick and healthy and keep it moving!

Of course, the first thing on my mind is: “Are these just as healthy as the fresh veggies I used to buy?” That is the most important thing for me. When I’m thinking about my meals for the week, I’m constantly trying to find recipes that are easy and healthy for us. So I decided to do some research on this topic.

According to this article found on WebMD, frozen veggies are actually similar to fresh veggies in nutritional value. Because these veggies are flash-frozen, they hold their nutrients as opposed to fresh veggies that slowly lose it the longer they are exposed to the air prior to cooking or consuming.

I found another article that really stressed purchasing vegetables when they are “in-season.” Anything that is out of season, buying frozen will give you the nutrients that you need.

Of course, another big idea about purchasing frozen veggies is the convenience. Sure, I would love to be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and use them in a timely manner before they go bad. But let’s be real. That is just not going to happen! I plan my meals out on a weekly basis but every day there is a possibility that something will change. My husband may get called into work for the night shift so I won’t cook a big dinner because he doesn’t eat when he comes home. My husband and I don’t really like eating leftovers. So, if I make a big dinner for myself, there’s a big chance that it will go in the fridge and stay there. So being able to purchase something frozen to toss in the microwave or on the stovetop for a quick and healthy meal will always be my go-to.

I love taking care of my body but I also our lifestyle. We travel often and stay very busy. I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, knowing that I can 1. buy an option that is still healthy 2. affordable and 3. convenient is always the route that I will take! And normally, I tend to purchase the most organic frozen fruits or veggies that I can find. You don’t have to do this, but right now my husband and I have decided to eat as much organic as we can afford. We’re always trying to keep ourselves in top shape!

I hope you guys found this post useful. If you already go the frozen route, know that you are still making a great choice for you and your family! If you were thinking about going the frozen route, I hope this gave you some confirmation that frozen doesn’t mean unhealthy.

Leave a comment below on what you thought about this post. What is your favorite brand of frozen veggies?

My Healthy Journey Has Begun!!

Okay the first of the month I decided it was time to make a change. My husband and I had been talking about changing our lifestyle and I just decided it was time do it. The more we talked about it and didn’t do anything about it, the sadder I got. I decided to start by watching that documentary on Netflix called What The Health. My brother recommended that I watch it because he enjoyed it and thought it was very insightful. Now, knowing my brother, he doesn’t say that about much, so I figured it had to be good. So one day while I was working I figured I would put it on and listen while I typed up emails. To be honest, I found it to be very interesting. But I’m not one to believe everything I hear from just one source, I like to do my research.

One thing that really intrigued me about this documentary was the testimonials they incorporated of real life people going through real life health issues. While I was watching it I couldn’t help but think, “I wonder if I try this if this will help my energy levels and help me lose some stubborn weight that I’ve had since I finished chemotherapy 17 years ago.” (For those who are currently thinking, “17 years ago! And you still have weight?!” the answer would be yes. Chemotherapy jacks you up to no end.) So I decided to try a more plant based diet. I can’t say that I am completely a vegan or completely a vegetarian. But what I can say is that I have started to consciously make better decisions about what I am putting into my body and right now, I’ve cut out meat.

It’s been about 3 weeks with no meat and to be honest it hasn’t been tough at all! I wanted to start documenting this journey and sharing some recipes! The first one that I wanted to share was one that I got from my aunt. I did tweek it a bit to my personal taste but the first recipe to share with you is an Acai Bowl!


There are so many different Acai bowl recipes out there you can try, and I encourage you to, but this recipe is one I got from my aunt and made it my own.

I blend one packet of frozen Acai with:


Whole banana


Scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder

Scoop of superfoods powder

About 1/2 cup of ripple milk (this is a great dairy free milk for those who cannot have milk) (more depending on the consistency you prefer)


About 1/4 cup of blueberries and blended!


Once I blend everything together, I pour it into my bowl while I prep my fruit. I normally have mango, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, coconut flakes, granola, chia seeds and hemp seeds. But you can add whatever toppings you prefer. My husband doesn’t like everything I put on top so I customize his for his preferences.


There you have it! Super easy to make for breakfast or a snack.  And so healthy for you! Enjoy! Let me know if you tried this recipe or a different Acai bowl recipe that you love in the comments below!