just a reminder…be yourself!

i’m pretty sure every blogger goes through this phase in their lives where they play the comparison game. looking through their feed and seeing the “perfect” lives of people they follow comparing their lives or their photos to them. it gets to a point where they think, “i need a photo like this with the same background and outfit.” they lose their individuality. to be honest, that was me for some time. but not anymore.

one thing i would encourage all those who are wanting to start blogging is to just be yourself! a blog is supposed to be an outlet where you can express yourself, talk about things that you love and encourage others to be who they are. and that is exactly what i want from my blog. everything that i talk about or recommend are topics or products that i’m using or going through.

the reason for this short post is just to remind you all to be yourself! i’m getting a ton of great content ready for you guys so make sure you are following my blog to keep up! also, make sure you sign up for my exclusive newsletter. this newsletter is a combination of fashion, beauty, travel, more! every month i try to incorporate a special discount for you all! love you all!




today i wanted to share a topic that is very special to me, music. as a young child, i began to play the piano at the age of 6. when i first started playing, i just fell in love with how i could create beautiful sounds with my hands. i was obsessed with playing disney songs. any songs my teacher would bring for me to learn that was disney, i just loved. it made me feel like i was a princess in that story. i would even sing along for most of the songs that i learned. once i was diagnosed with leukemia at 8, i wasn’t able to play as often. but when i did get those spare moments, it became my escape. it was my chance to free myself from my current situation. i was able to live outside of my reality even for only a few moments. it was an amazing experience. one like no other.

i became amazed at a young age at how much music can affect one’s life and even mood. have you ever thought about that? how you can play one song and it will either make you happy or sad. most of the time without you even realizing it. music can even inspire you without you realizing it. that is the kind of power that it has over you.

granted, i went through a period of time where i stopped wanting to play piano. as i got older, with the effects the leukemia had on my body, i became more and more self-conscious. i just didn’t want to be seen doing anything that would draw attention to myself. i would even wait until everyone was out of the house so that i could practice and sing. those moments were what i looked forward to. even to this day, i have hard time playing in front of people because i just don’t like the attention that it draws to me. but regardless, i had this love that i couldn’t just let go of. for playing music or listening to music.

at a young age, i always wanted to be an artist. i wanted to be someone who created beautiful music. i wanted to be someone who was able to inspire someone or touch someones life with just a song. even at 26 years of age, i still have fear that holds me back from really creating something beautiful. but as the years have gone by, that fear has grown smaller and smaller. and i know that once i allowed myself to really be free again and create something, i will be free from that.

music for me touched my life in more ways that i can explain. it was the only outlet that i had during a touch time in my life. it was my only friend. it was the one person, aside from God, that could understand what i was going through. music was God talking to me. conversing with me on a daily basis through sound. and even though at that time i didn’t know who He really was, i knew that He was talking to me. drawing me closer to Him through this avenue. it’s amazing. there are no words to describe how it makes me feel. but i thank God that he allowed me the chance to grow a love for music.

that was my first experience with music. what was yours? tell me in the comment sections below, i’d love to hear your stories.


timing is everything

as i’ve gotten older i’m starting to realize that timing really is everything. as much as my personality loves to jump on the opportunity to do something or go somewhere, i have to slow myself down and realize that timing is everything. i haven’t gotten completely used to timing and how to wait on God’s timing. i’m in this stage where i am literally waiting on God’s timing. yes, my husband is still finishing school and we have probably another year left, but i’m so ready for the next thing God has for us! but again, His timing is what i need to wait for. which isn’t always that easy. but it’s necessary.

psalm 27:14 – wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, i say, on the Lord!

who knows where we will be in the next year. all i can do is wait. but what i have learned through that waiting is that this is a great time to better myself. whether that mean through diet and exercise. or even a spiritual diet, getting my relationship with the Lord back to where it needs to be. it could even learning a new talent or skill. this is my time to do that. so while i hate the waiting stage, i’m starting to enjoy having the time to learn what i can.

in the beginning of the year, i created a vision board for the first time ever. i don’t know why i never thought about doing one in the past, but this year i just felt empowered. i figured, if i’m going to be here for another year or two or however, i’m going to start putting vision to my life. i put things on there like a new car, paying off school debt, writing music, working on an ep and more. i decided that this was my year. my year to be productive and to really put vision back into my life. i feel like i lost it for a bit there. but it’s back and i’m excited. God is going to do some amazing things this year, i can feel it. and i’m just happy that i can play even a small part in that.

in the next months, i’ll be adding more to how my vision board is coming and how God is proving Himself faithful through it all. so make sure you are following my blog to keep up and you are signing up for my emails!


the struggle is real.

i am not the most confident person in the world. because of that, it’s hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. by nature, i’m more on the introverted side of the spectrum and i’ve lived comfortably on that side. i started this blog with the intention of trying to stretch myself. trying to stretch myself to bust out of the norm. it hasn’t been an easy route to take but i’m forcing myself to take it know that it will help me in the end. i love being able to try and help anyone and everyone that i come in contact with. which is one of the reasons i decided to start this blog. try to use this as a way to reach more people. to help them. to encourage them. as a Christian, i know that it’s my job to show love to those i come across in this life of mine. for me, showing love can mean helping to encourage someone or help them with a problem they might have. plus, among other things, i love to write. blogging seemed like a good match for me.


but blogging isn’t an easy thing to do. especially with you already have a full-time job, you are a full-time graduate student, plus you are married. and on top of that, my husband and i travel often leading worship at churchs in our surrounding area and states. so my time during the days run out faster than i can blink sometimes. and so does my energy. but i’ve fully committed to everything i’m doing so i won’t give up. it has been a while since i’ve written and posted a blog post, so i wanted to share this one today. i am also working on another post more about fashion which will come out in a few more days as i get everything together. but today’s post is more about real life. how messy it is. how unstable it can be sometimes. but one thing i will say, is that the one person that can keep me grounded is God.


seriously. my husband and my family just drive me crazy at times. and because i’m stressed out with school and work, arguments come a lot easier than you would like to accept. but through that God has been giving me the strength day by day to make it. yes, i mess up at times and just pile drive over what He has planned for me sometimes, but He still gives me another chance to make it better. and with every chance i get, i’m trying to make things better. trying not to let work consume me so much. trying to understand that i can only control what i do and not what other people do, and that is okay. because i am kind of controlling, it’s hard for me to understand or even get used to.

but everyday i’m learning more and more that i need to give that control and give it up to God. let Him take care of things in His way and His time. and build my faith to know that He will. and trust Him to do it. it’s never easy to trust someone you can’t see, but that’s where faith comes in. even though i can’t see Him, i can feel Him around me. sometimes it just takes us slowing down and being still to really sense His presence. and that is what i’m doing now. slowing down and realizing that life is a struggle, but in His strength, i’ll be just fine.


till next time lovelies.


who am i?


so for those of you who don’t know me at all, this post is for you! and probably for those who do know me might still benefit from this. so i realized i started this blog without really officially introducing myself to everyone. so i wanted to spend some time tonight doing just that. my name is megan alexis perez. i am 26 years old. i an originally from new york, i lived in yonkers and long island for about 15 years. when i 15 years old my dad got called by the Lord to go into ministry so he moved us to lakeland, florida so that he can attend southeastern university. i was in florida for about 9 years before i moved up here to pennsylvania. going from new york to florida was not an easy transition, i must say. i find new york and florida to be polar opposites.

not only in weather. it was very shocking to me. i remember in high school, the very first time that my brother and i were asked to hang out with some friends was quite the experience. they asked us if we wanted to go over and go shooting. now mind you, we just moved down here from new york. in new york, going shooting isn’t a good thing. like, you just don’t go out shooting somewhere for fun. that is not a thing. seriously. i remember going home and telling my parents that and they had to explain what they were talking about. my brother and i looked at each other and thought “really?! they do that for fun!!!???” so out our comfort zone.


that move was probably the most difficult for me. i left a lot in new york. but i did find a lot in florida. the Lord really did a lot in me while i was down there. after high school, i ended up going to a state university first. the friends i had in high school all went to that school and i wanted to go with them. plus my boyfriend at the time was going and i didn’t want to be alone. so my first year of college was not good at all. i know many people don’t know this, and i probably shouldn’t be talking about this but who cares. the past is the past. so my first year of college all i did was hang out with my friends and boyfriend. barely went to class and barely did homework. of course my actions came with consequences. i didn’t do well in my classes and because of it i was asked not return until i got my gpa up. it was so disappointing. i was so broken. i couldn’t believe that i had allowed myself to get that far deep. i was so disappointed. after that, i knew that i needed to basically take my life back and get things on the straight and narrow real quick.

i changed my major (i started as a pre-med biology major) to music and went to community college for a year. some events took place during that year which caused me to make the move back home with my parents and attend southeastern. i ended up graduating from southeastern university with my bachelors in music business with a minor in church music.

i will say that i was very happy i made that move back home. it was hard at first, but i know that that was the Lord working. i ended up meeting my husband my junior year in college. we met at a worship night, another story for another time. we were friends for a little over two years before we actually started dating officially. and about a year after that we were engaged. five months later we were married. it was crazy but, it was God. he is my best friend. and the love of my life. and in a few years, he will be my baby daddy! (this is not a pregnancy announcement lol)


I will say that my life has not gone the way that i actually thought it would. i mean i thought that i would be close to finishing up medical school at this point in my life. i didn’t anticipate being married until i was about 28-29. and i was totally fine with that. but i would not change anything about my life right. maybe i would change to be a couple pounds lighter but that’s about it.

my entire life, i feel, has been centered around God. most of the time in ways that i couldn’t see. i couldn’t see Him working things out for my good. i couldn’t always feel Him there next to me even though He was always there. i know i have made my mistakes in the past, but He never left me. growing up, i took to music as my way to express myself. music was my escape. when i came to the Lord, i combined both passions and now leading worship is my “escape.” it’s my passion. and not just leading worship. but also taking my knowledge and experience and pouring that into others to help train them in worship and all that it entails. combine that with traveling and you have my dream job. i know that the Lord is preparing us for this dream job (at least i’m praying He does!).

that is pretty much the outer layer of who i am aside from the fact that i am fashion obsessed. i did work in retail for over 6 years and did a lot in visual merchandising, so over time my love for fashion and styling has grown. a little out of control for my budget i might add! haha

so that is me in a nutshell. there is so much more to who i am that is so hard to really just encompass in one blog post. but i wanted to introduce myself to you guys officially. i’m so excited about this blog and where it is going to be going in the next few months. please, if there is a topic you would like me to cover, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! i would love to hear from you guys!




patience. waiting. two words not many people like. i know i didn’t. well i don’t. most of the time. while i’ve gotten used to waiting for things, my patience is taking a while to grow. there’s a difference you know. between waiting and being patient. patience, my own definition of course, is waiting for something or someone but waiting with a good attitude. waiting, for me, doesn’t come with much of a good attitude. i don’t like waiting. i’m a go-getter. i like to do things right when i think of them. i’ll work day and night on a project just to see it completed. i’ve never been a patient person because of that. i don’t like waiting. that’s just something i’m still working on with the Lord. and you all know, it’s never about our timing it’s always about His. so you can imagine how frustrated i can get. waiting on God. waiting on Him to show up. waiting on Him to answer. waiting on Him to move. for a person that is a go-getter, that loves change, waiting on God isn’t an easy thing for me. it’s sucks actually. but that waiting, has taught me patience. at the very beginners level of course, i’m not perfect.

patience, like i said before is waiting with a good attitude. my patience lately is wearing thin. i’m in a place right now that i am waiting on God. i have no choice but to wait on Him. while he is still opening doors in certain areas, the biggest area of my life right now, my career, is the one that is in the waiting room. and everyday, i’m getting more and more tired. tired of waiting. hoping that the next day, He’ll show me the next step. hoping the next day, He’ll tell me what to do. but it just hasn’t happened. and that is so frustrating. i’m just being real with you. waiting on God isn’t an easy thing nor is it fun.

my dream, is to travel the world and worship God. i want to help churches grow their worship teams and departments. i want to teach others about worship, about true worship to God. i want to inspire young people to live lives on fire for God. to live a life of integrity. of honesty. of love for people and for God. that is what i want to do. that is my dream job. but right now my reality is working at a university in the financial aid department. now, i like my job, love my boss, and love my co-workers. but lately the stress levels have increased greatly and the fun just isn’t there anymore. my heart isn’t completely in it anymore. and for me, that kills me. everything i do, no matter what it is, i put my heart and soul into it. my last job, i didn’t like some of the aspects that job at all. i would get sad when i had to go to work. i would go to work sick, even though i knew i should stay home and rest. but no matter what i was feeling, i put in overtime when they needed me too. i was there on my days off when they needed me. i poured my whole life into that job, not because i liked it but because i knew i had to do this. it’s wasn’t for my boss; it was for God. i’ve been working for Him for years now. but there comes a time when you stop and think, when can i work at my dream? when can that be my only job? am i missing something? did i do something wrong?

those are the thoughts that go through your mind. and i’m sure you’ve thought the same thing too. it’s a tough place to be in. and as i sit here writing this, i’m in that tough spot. what do i do? i came home today from another long and stressful day at work, and just put on some worship music. my favorite song right now is here waiting by david and nicole binion of covenant worship. there’s a part that says, “don’t be far from me. i’m here waiting for you. God i’m not moving, i’m here waiting on You.” once i heard that, it all became clear to me again. a little bit of true patience just grew in me tonight. this song helps to remind me in situations what true patience is all about. it’s about here, waiting on God. doesn’t matter how long it takes. it’s about not moving, but waiting here for Him. i may not like the place i’m in right now. but i choose to wait here for God to move. and i choose to love every moment of this waiting period, even though at times i know i will get frustrated. i will continue to wait for Him to show up and show me where to go.

in times like today, i need to tell myself, “it’s not about my timeline it’s about Gods.” Gods timing is the most important. i hope when you’re reading you feel encouraged. you may not like the stage that your in right now. it may be difficult. it may feel like your being stretched in ways you never thought you could be. it may be emotional and just down right now fun. but know that where you are at right now is where God wants you to be. he is in the process of breaking and molding you to remove the impurities within you. He’s drawing you closer to His heart. during times like these, remember to continue chasing after Him even if you don’t feel like He’s chasing after you. He’s still there. and He will never leave.

patience. it’s a learning process. Xoxo

size doesn’t matter


for years i’ve struggled with the thought of “size matters.” as i’ve gotten older, i’ve come realize that it really doesn’t. your size has nothing to do with who you are as a person. your size doesn’t control your character. your size doesn’t control your heart or your actions. so why is it that as women, we put so much emphasis on our size? as if, when we drop down a couple pounds our lives will somehow magically become perfect. that if we could just lose a couple of pounds, everything will be alright. and where has that thinking gotten us exactly? more and more young girls are growing up with these self-confidence issues that it is a little crazy. but i must admit to you, i used to buy into that thinking. for a long period of time, i bought into the whole “lose weight and you’ll be happy” idea. it was a very sad time in my life. all i cared about was losing weight. i tried every diet, took every weight loss pill, did the whole work out thing and nothing happened. surprise, surprise.

i soon realized how deep this problem really was. it wasn’t so much about losing weight as it was the thought that if i lost the weight, i would be accepted. i just wanted to belong. it was a hard time in my life let me tell you. it almost sucks to write about it, because it makes it that much more real! ugh! anyways..


being the perfect weight is hard for women, especially in the society we live in. where everywhere we turn there are gorgeous thin supermodels making us feel less than ourselves because we aren’t a size 0. i hate that. i hate that there are girls out there that are starving themselves to become something that God didn’t create them to be. as i’ve gotten older, i have realized that i will never be a size 0. and i’m perfectly okay with that. God created me just the way i am. i am beautiful. i am a daughter of the King! if you’re reading this, take a minute to say that yourself. tell yourself you are beautiful. tell yourself you are a daughter of the king. now go to the bathroom mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say it again. it’s extremely powerful. i cry just thinking about it. our words have the power of life and death. and we have the power to control what we say about ourselves.

what really matters, is your heart. i think that is where a lot of the problem is. girls think that if they lose weight they will be accepted by everyone. but what happens when you lose that weight and people still don’t accept you because you are mean spirited? or when they find out how selfish you are? what are you going to do then? it doesn’t matter what size you are. people care more about your personality. your heart. how kind you are. how caring you are. that is what makes you, you. not what size jeans you wear!


i know this isn’t the longest post ever, but i hope after reading this you gained a little more confidence in yourself. knowing that you are beautiful. knowing that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. knowing that you are the daughter of a King. a King who, by the way, thinks you are the most beautiful version of you. who wouldn’t change a thing about the way you look. a King that cares more about your heart than what size clothes you wear. how many of us can say that about someone else?

is this something that you struggle with? leave a comment below and lets pray together! xoxo


outfit details:

white button down: old navy (btw this top is on crazy sale!!!! less than $10!!)

black skinny jeans: levi’s 


anxiety. a word i know all too well. as i’ve gotten older i noticed i was turning into a very anxious person. now naturally, i am a very loyal person. meaning anything i am apart of or whoever i have a relationship with, i take on those problems as my own to try and help figure them out. that has never really helped me personally because it just causes a great deal of anxiety in myself. and really for no reason. this past year, i’ve learned something though. no matter what is going on around me, whether it be at my job or with a close friend, i cannot control it. i can’t control what the outcome is. i can’t control how people act. whether i agree with decisions that are made or not. i cannot control it. and i’ve begun to realize that even though i can’t control it, i know that God can. remember one of my last posts? where i spoke about 2016 being the year i learned how to trust God? well here is where it comes in handy! times like these, when i sit back starting to get anxious about the situation that is going on around me. not trusting God but more becoming fearful about the future. that is the very opposite of what God wants from us.


that is the complete opposite of what i used to do. i used to hold things inside myself so tightly i would give myself anxiety attacks. one time i ended up going to the hospital because the pains were so bad. sitting in that hospital room made me realize that this isn’t worth it. holding on so tightly to something that i can just give to God isn’t worth my health. i began to start thinking of ways that can help me calm down every time i feel anxiety creep in. my purpose of writing this is 1) to be open and real about these kinds of issues but 2) to try and help you overcome any anxiety you may have too.

  1. go for a walk.

i found that my anxiety was rooted in my job. for you, it could be something else. but for me, the stress of work would control me. i was a workaholic because i wanted to be the very best at what i was doing. i wanted people to know that i was a hard worker. like i said before, not worth my health. now i find anytime that i’m feeling overwhelmed by a project or a meeting, i get up from my desk, and go for a walk. whether that is around the office or even around the campus outside. i have found that even sitting outside breathing in the fresh air has helped me tremendously.

  1. workout

this is not a word that i really like to be honest. ha! but it does help me so much to stay grounded and clear headed. plus because i’m sitting all day at work, its good to let some energy out. but what i’ve actually started doing is doing a little workout in my office. shhh, don’t tell anyone! when i start to feel a little anxious i stand up and do some stretches. i’ve even done squats! it really does help me to release that negative energy and refocus myself. especially when i have a lot of energy and i’m feeling anxious. not a good combo.

  1. music

now, i personally love to put music on all the time when i work. but sometimes i’m not able to. especially when i have to make a lot of phone calls. when i do start to feel nervous and know that i can’t get up for a walk because i’m in the middle of something, i’ll put my favorite worship song or even dance song on. something that i know will calm me down and change my mood and attitude. if you love music, i would encourage you to  have it on softly in the background while you work. it can really change the atmosphere of your office.

  1. reciting Proverbs 4:6 & prayer

this is a pretty easy one. i wrote this verse down on a post-it and put it on my desk. whenever i start to feel anxious, i recite it a few times to myself and pray. in that moment, i want to remind myself of what the Word of God says about anxiety. then i want to give it up to God. He is the only one that can really take away these burdens from me.

  1. deep breathing

i know it sounds silly but trust me, it works. sometimes i’ll just turn my chair to the window so i can see outside and take multiple deep breaths. most of the time after, i’ll close my eyes and take some more deep breaths.

  1. force yourself to smile

okay, so i know this sounds crazy and will make you feel stupid. but just try it! i end up forcing myself so much that i feel stupid and end up laughing at myself. laughing because i feel like i look so dumb that it makes me laugh!!

those are just 6 things that i have on rotation and let me tell you it really does help. being anxious over something you can’t control, which lets me honest is really everything, isn’t worth your health!! you need to tell yourself that and really believe it! it’s taken me a while, but i have learned to really trust in the Lord with anything that may come my way. do you?

don’t forget to download this image of proverbs-46 (click on the word to download). use it as a reminder for yourself whenever you’re feeling anxious! you can print it out for your desk or save it on your phone as your screen saver. enjoy!

leave a comment below on something you are struggling with that you want prayer for. lets pray for each other as a community through these issues. let’s lift each other up! xoxo

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2017 – the year of faith

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” (Hebrews 11:1-3)

i don’t think this passage has become so important to me than after today. i began this year asking for God to increase my faith in 2017. in 2016, God took me on a journey that i did not expect to go on or through. He took me through things that i know i couldn’t have taken myself through. 2016 taught me how to truly trust in God. how to trust Him with my finances. how to trust Him with my marriage. how to trust Him in any situation that came at me and my husband. it was a very difficult process to go through. but it was not a long one for me. it didn’t take long for me to let everything go once i realized i couldn’t do it on my own. once i noticed that it was starting to affect my health and my marriage, i knew i couldn’t hold onto my distrust any longer. i knew that i needed to give it all to Him and trust that He would be in control and that He would take care of me, if i just allowed Him to.

that’s the funny thing about trust. you can go on your entire life not trusting someone. holding onto that distrust thinking you are affecting that person. when in reality you are only affecting yourself and those closest to you. when i realized that it wasn’t worth my marriage or my health, i gave it all to Him. when i put my trust completely in Him, i was free. and now, whatever comes my way i know that God will take care of me. i trust Him.

now, in 2017, i need to work on my faith. my faith that is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. yes, i believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. but does my faith believe that He could miraculously pay off my student loan? does my faith believe that He could truly heal the sick? to be honest, its shaky, and i hate saying that. God healed me from cancer when i was 10 years old. i hit near death but God came in and restored me. i know that God can do it. but i haven’t seen that in a very long time. i’m holding onto a faith from almost 16 years ago. i still believe that God can do whatever He wants to. in 2017 i’m challenging myself to truly have enough faith in God to believe that He can truly heal the sick when i pray. to truly believe that He can pay off my student loan debt so that nothing can hold me back from whatever ministry i want to be apart of. listen, this whole faith thing isn’t easy. it is challenging. to believe in someone that you cannot see. but believing in someone that i cannot see has by far been better than believing in someone that i could see. God has never let me down. He has shown up when i’ve needed Him the most. there are very few people that i put my complete faith in.

there is nothing that God cannot do. He loves to bless His children. i challenge you this year, what is it you feel you are lacking? is it trust in God? is it faith? is it peace? is it confidence? take this year to focus on one thing you want to increase. pray about it everyday. ask God to show you how you can have more peace or confidence. let Him show you how faithful He is. put your trust in Him and watch how He will not disappoint you. leave a comment below and tell me one thing you are lacking that you want to work on this year. let’s come together as a community and lift each other up in prayer. let’s make 2017 an amazing year of faith, trust, peace, and confidence.




favorite time of the year!

growing up, christmas was my favorite time of the year. even over my birthday. which may sound crazy, but it’s okay. there is just something magical about this time of year. it always seemed to bring out the best in everyone. even with the craziness of trying find the perfect present for everyone. as i’ve gotten older, that love has only grown. the christmas holiday is one of my favorites and i don’t think that will ever change.

aside from receiving anything, my favorite part of christmas is giving. i know to some that may seem very generic, and like the “christian” thing to say, but i really mean it. giving gifts is one of my love languages and it really shows. i just love buying everyone christmas presents. i seem to lose all sense of what the word “budget” even means at this time. every year i tell myself, “i will not go crazy, i will only buy for a few people.” but of course that never happens. i just love giving gifts. but my favorite part about giving gifts, is seeing their reaction once they receive it. knowing that by a simple gift i can show someone that they are loved and cared about, is an amazing feeling. and honestly, something that is really needed in this world. there is enough hate going around that giving some love is desperately needed. every year, i strive to give more and more. not because i want people think i have so much money to spend on gifts (cause i really don’t) but because i want people to know they are loved and thought of.


if you think about it that is exactly what Christ wants us to do. matthew 22:37-40 tells us, “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And second is like this: Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.” as followers of Christ we are too show others the love of Christ. and what a better way, than to give someone a simple gift and show them they are important. even something as simple as a card. and the best part? you don’t have to just wait for Christmas to do this. you can do this all year long. show people they are important, thought of, loved. that is the true spirit of christmas, at least in my opinion 😉

so i challenge you to take some time this christmas season to show the love of Christ to someone outside of your “circle.” maybe someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while. or even someone who you may not get along with. will you take that challenge with me?

with love,


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