So I’m not going to drag this on with some long introduction here. Lol! Let’s just dig right into this here. 

First, if you’re BRAND NEW to essential oils and are wanting to try them, I will always defer you to a starter kit. Starter kits are the absolute best way to get started with oils, hands down. You are saving a ton of money by buying them in a kit. This year, select starter kits will be on sale for 25% off. Again, I don’t know which kits will be on sale, only that select ones will be. I do recommend the Aria diffuser. If you’re going to do this, you should do it right! The Aria is such a beautiful diffuser.  

I don’t know which kits are on sale but I suggest you start here. This is an investment into your health. But know you’re not alone. You have me helping you out the whole way and helping you with tons of resources and classes.



Second, after an essential oil starter kit, you need THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER. Seriously. Ditch clorox, ditch bleach, ditch windex and get Thieves Household Cleaner. You can seriously use this cleaner to clean everything in your house. You can make window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, wood cleaner, granite cleaner, and so much more. Seriously. Ditch the chemicals and get Thieves. Your health will thank you later.

Third, NINGXIA!!! I cannot talk this up enough. You need Ningxia in your life. This drink is filled with tons of antioxidants, minerals and B Vitamins. It’s a whole food purée and it’s delicious. 2oz a day is all you need and you will a difference in your health. I’m serious. I can’t go without it. 


Now, below are the supplements I use and love:

Life 9 Probiotic 

Super Cal Plus: this is a calcium and magnesium supplement, amazing for your joints. 

Mineral Essence: this doesn’t taste good at all but it’s so good for you. Your body needs minerals to function properly. This is packed with minerals and also has magnesium. 

Thyromin: supplement I take for thyroid support 

Sulfurzyme: you need this you guys. This has been a game changer for my hair since postpartum hair loss. Seriously. 

Super B: moms, this supplement is a must for energy support 

Chewable Vitamin C


Okay, now onto oils. These are single and blends that I love:

Thieves: obviously. Talk about immune support. This is a powerhouse 

Joy: helped me a ton with my postpartum depression. 



Purification: great for immune support and clearing the air of nasty smells 


Deep Relief: muscle tension, head tension

Rutavala: sleep support

Christmas Spirit


Winter Nights





Citrus Fresh 




Breathe Again: blend for congestion

R.C: same as above

Raven: mix this with a little coconut oil and you have non toxic vicks 

Progessence Plus: all the female hormone support 

Endoflex: thyroid, adrenal support and more 


Other products:

KidScents shampoo and bath gel

All KidScents oils 

Thieves Laundry: this is extremely concentrated so it’ll last you a long time 

Thieves Hand Sanitizer & Wipes 

Thieves toothpaste 

Thieves mouthwash 



Satin mint facial scrub 

Lip balm 

Mirah cleansing oil 

Orange blossom facial cleanser

Entire Bloom line 

CBD Beauty Serum 


Okay, I know that is an extensive list but it’s everything I suggest. I’m sure there are more oils I could suggest and supplements but we’ll leave it here. 😂

Need help getting your list together? Let me know!! I’ll be glad to help no matter what your budget is!