Recipe of the Week: Mongolian Beef Ramen Noodle

This weeks recipe is from Yummly, one of my favorite apps. This week I decided to try the Mongolian Beef Ramen Noodles recipe.

If you don’t have the Yummly app, check out the preview here!


Here is my take on the recipe:

To be honest, we LOVED this recipe! The flavors were amazing and it was so easy!

The only two differences that I had when I re-created this recipe were two ingredients. The first was with the sesame oil. I thought that I had some in my pantry when I was grocery shopping so I didn’t bother to buy any more. Well of course, when I started cooking I saw that I actually didn’t have any sesame oil! Of course, right? Always happens. So instead I just substituted olive oil.


Another issue that I had was that my grocery store didn’t have the normal packs of ramen noodles. So, I had just buy some thin Asian noodles. It still tasted amazing but I’m going to try the recipe again when they have the regular ramen noodles in stock.

I would definitely recommend trying this recipe. It tastes amazing, you will love it!!




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