Recipe of the week: Cheesy Skillet Bean & Veggie

This week the recipe I’m sharing is found from Yummly. It’s a Cheesy Skillet Bean & Veggie Taco Meal. The recipe is linked via the name of the recipe if you want to try it out!

If you don’t have the Yummly app, here is what it looks like:


It’s super easy to use and gives a lot of great recipes to choose from. You can select the meal you are looking for recipes for or you can select a style of food, for example, Italian or Mexican. They have tons of great options. I would definitely suggest downloading this app. Best part is, its FREE!!!!

Here is my take on the recipe:

This recipe was super easy to follow. What I love about this recipe is that you can use your choice of meat or you can go meatless. We decided to try this recipe meatless. I try to have at least one day of the week where we eat a meatless meal. But that is our preference.

What I loved about this recipe is that it incorporated a lot of veggies. Which is something I love doing. Plus, I love all the flavors that it had. We decided to eat this with chips so it felt more like a heavy dip but it was still delicious. I also topped ours with a little bit of shredded cheese and fresh avocado, another favorite in our household.


If you love spicy flavored food, this is definitely a good try. You can control the amount of spice by lowering the amount of cayenne pepper you use. I tend to like my food on the spicier side so I went exactly with what the recipe suggested.


I would definitely recommend this recipe and I would actually do this again. Maybe the next time I’ll add some grilled chicken to the mix!

Give this recipe a try by clicking here to view the entire recipe. Enjoy!




Round bowl: Target

Table linen: H&M

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