rosy voxbox fun!

okay guys, so i wanted to talk about the influenster rosy voxbox that i received. there were so many amazing things that were included that i’m just going to break them down individually, then link each one so that you can check them out too!


  1. Vera Wang Embrace: okay so scents. i go through stages with perfumes. i’ll go through a stage where i’ll put it on every day and then i’ll go through a stage where i don’t wear it for a year. i’m just weird that way. but when i love about the vera wang scents that i received compliments of influenster, is that they are not overwhelming. i can wear them to work and not feel like i’m filling up the entire room with some scent that everyone hates. the green tea scent that i received is the perfect scent for someone who doesn’t want anything too overbearing but yet makes that perfect subtle statement when you walk by.
  2. purell hand sanitizer: so tell me..who wouldn’t love purell?! with all the crazy weather changes, colds and flus going around, i keep this baby by my side. i cannot go anywhere without it because, i don’t know about you, but i don’t have time to get sick!
  3. fancy feet: i live in insoles. confession time: i have flat feet. like a freakin board. so any kind of insoles that i can get to put inside my shoes, i’m going to love. these insoles by fancy feet are super easy to apply and slip right into my shoe. plus they are very comfortable. for me, i love to add them to my heels instead of flats to add another layer of comfort.
  4. secret clinical strength deodorant: i’ve been using secret clinical strength for years now. i actually just ran out before i got this box so it came in handy!! i seriously love this deodorant. it is the only one that i have found that keeps me smelling fresh all day. seriously.
  5. not your mothers beach babe: okay so i have to be honest. this spray smells super good, i feel like i’m on the beach with it, but i don’t use it very often. mainly hair is already wavy/curly! it does help to give it an extra boost but it doesn’t give me those beach waves because i pretty much have them naturally. but! if you don’t have curly hair, please give this a try. it’s a great spray to give your hair that beachy wave look. plus i just love this brand and everything they make.

there you have it! make sure you check out each of these items on the links attached (click the name). trust me, you’re not gonna regret it!!



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