shop AMaVO – favorite things

okay guys, it has been a while since i’ve posted about some products or shops that i love. so this weekend is all about things i love! we are starting out the weekend talking about my new friends at Shop AMaVo. i stumbled upon this shop a couple of months ago and quickly fell in love with everything they have! they have the cutest accessories and clothes and beyond that they share an amazing message. what they aim to do with their shop is inspire women to be confident in who God created you to be. we are created in His image and are made beautiful. through the uniqueness of their clothing and accessories, you can express yourself in a way that is true to who you are. and can i tell you, that is something that i just love.

not only do i love fashion but i am obsessed with coffee. this addiction started at a young age but i am just not willing to give it up yet. because i love coffee so much, i have grown to love coffee mugs. because how else can you drink coffee if not out of a super cute mug?! i am actually obsessed with coffee mugs to be honest. so much so that i now love to collect them. as soon as i have my own house, i am going to dedicate a wall in my kitchen to all my coffee mugs and display them oh so proudly. you know, get all pinterest with it and stuff. i think right now i have like 10 or 12 that are just mine. and my collection keeps growing. mainly because my husband keeps buying me new cups! but i am so grateful that to say that i received a coffee mug from Shop AMaVO in the mail and it is beyond cute. the saying it and of itself is one of my favorite. plus, the color is just darling.


okay guys, let just get real for a second. this world we live in isn’t the best. it isn’t the nicest. especially when it comes to women. there has always been this stigma with women and the way we are “supposed” to look. can i just tell you how much i hate that? every woman is beautiful. we are each made differently. we each display different creative thoughts that God had when He created us. He didn’t want us all to look the same. He doesn’t care about your pant size or your bra size. He cares about you. He cares about your heart. as i sit here writing this, i can’t tell you how many thoughts are coming to my mind. thoughts of when i was younger and struggled with these issues of self-confidence and body positivity. i wasn’t the skinny girl in the class. for crying out loud, i spent most of my puberty bald because of leukemia. that created so much insecurity within myself that i looked to things i shouldn’t have to try and feel accepted. it wasn’t until i allowed myself to feel loved by God that i started to love myself. i still have days where i do struggle, that’s part of life. but in the end, i can now say that i am beautiful. i can have a confidence in myself that i never thought i could have. so, when i see little things like this coffee, i don’t just see a coffee mug. i see a chance to tell another woman that she is “clothed in strength and dignity.” by sharing a simple message like this, you plant a seed in a woman’s heart. a seed that begins to grow within her, building her love for herself. building her confidence. and speaking God’s love into her life.

so i’m going to challenge you, get this mug for someone you think needs a little confidence boost. trust me, it’ll make a difference. and if you use code BloggerMegan, you’ll get 15% off your purchase. how about we spread some love ladies? i think it’s about time, don’t you?



click here to shop their amazing items. i received this gorgeous coffee mug compliments of Shop AMaVO however all opinions are my own.

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