favorite things..

i never thought of myself as being extremely materialistic. i do love clothes and shopping but if those things were ever taken away from me, i wouldn’t be upset. because in the end, those are just material items that don’t really mean a lot. that being said, there are a few things that i do just love and would hate to not have around me. so tonight, i’m taking you for a tour of my favorite things right now!

  1. i’m going to start out with my bible as one my favorite things. this book gives me such peace, comfort, truth, and wisdom. i love that i can read it any time and i can feel like the Lord is speaking to me. directly to me. it’s not like one of those speaking events you go to and think “man he is speaking to me” when in reality the entire rooms feels that way. no, this word speaks directly to me and only me everytime i open up those pages.
  2. ever since my husband bought me my first swell bottle my life has been changed. all i drink is water and coffee. and i was always carrying a plastic water bottle around. i hate waste so carrying the plastic bottles around just killed me. so my husband surprised me with this swell bottle and i carry it around all the time. the insulation on it keeps my water nice and cold all day long. never again will i carry around a plastic bottle.
  3. for Christmas, my husband got me this leather iphone 7 wallet case. now, it may seem silly to some, but from time to time i need to run out the house on an errand but i hate to carry about my huge bag. so this wallet comes in such handy. i add in my cards and phone and go. and the best part is that the phone attachment is actually a separate phone case that is attached to the wallet by a magnet. (see pictures) beyond brilliant! seriously, this wallet case makes me life so much easier.
  4. when my husband and i were dating, he purchased me my first chi flat iron for my birthday. at this time we weren’t living in the same town, so when i was talking about getting a new flat iron he literally gave me cash and said go and buy one. romantic right? haha! so ulta was having a sale on their chi irons so i went and grabbed one and the rest is history. this flat iron is beyond amazing and so worth the money. i’ve had it for almost 4 years and it still looks and acts brand new. if you’ve ever thought about getting a chi, take the plunge and do it. you will not regret it.
  5. on the day to day, i don’t really wear make up. however, i love to wear either lip gloss or lip stick every day. i feel like if my hair is done and i have lip stick on, i’m having a good day. right now, i’m obsessed with Maybelline lip sticks. in the Maybelline colors i love touchable toupe (940), and divine wine (695).
  6. if i’m not wearing lip stick you can bet i’m wearing eos lip balm. i’ve been using this brand for as long as i can remember and i’ve not purchased another one since. not only is it in a cute case but the flavors are great and moister for my lips is amazing.

there you have it! 6 things that i’m in love with right now. i’m sure in another couple of months these will change since i do like to mix things up a bit. but i would encourage everyone who reads this, try not to focus so much on the material things. life is about love, it’s about family and friendships. it’s about experiences. it’s about helping people. it’s not about getting caught up in the material items we have, while they are great to have. i’ve linked each item below for you to check out on your own! just click on the image to check them out in detail.

so tell me, what are your favorite things right now?!



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