the struggle is real.

i am not the most confident person in the world. because of that, it’s hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. by nature, i’m more on the introverted side of the spectrum and i’ve lived comfortably on that side. i started this blog with the intention of trying to stretch myself. trying to stretch myself to bust out of the norm. it hasn’t been an easy route to take but i’m forcing myself to take it know that it will help me in the end. i love being able to try and help anyone and everyone that i come in contact with. which is one of the reasons i decided to start this blog. try to use this as a way to reach more people. to help them. to encourage them. as a Christian, i know that it’s my job to show love to those i come across in this life of mine. for me, showing love can mean helping to encourage someone or help them with a problem they might have. plus, among other things, i love to write. blogging seemed like a good match for me.


but blogging isn’t an easy thing to do. especially with you already have a full-time job, you are a full-time graduate student, plus you are married. and on top of that, my husband and i travel often leading worship at churchs in our surrounding area and states. so my time during the days run out faster than i can blink sometimes. and so does my energy. but i’ve fully committed to everything i’m doing so i won’t give up. it has been a while since i’ve written and posted a blog post, so i wanted to share this one today. i am also working on another post more about fashion which will come out in a few more days as i get everything together. but today’s post is more about real life. how messy it is. how unstable it can be sometimes. but one thing i will say, is that the one person that can keep me grounded is God.


seriously. my husband and my family just drive me crazy at times. and because i’m stressed out with school and work, arguments come a lot easier than you would like to accept. but through that God has been giving me the strength day by day to make it. yes, i mess up at times and just pile drive over what He has planned for me sometimes, but He still gives me another chance to make it better. and with every chance i get, i’m trying to make things better. trying not to let work consume me so much. trying to understand that i can only control what i do and not what other people do, and that is okay. because i am kind of controlling, it’s hard for me to understand or even get used to.

but everyday i’m learning more and more that i need to give that control and give it up to God. let Him take care of things in His way and His time. and build my faith to know that He will. and trust Him to do it. it’s never easy to trust someone you can’t see, but that’s where faith comes in. even though i can’t see Him, i can feel Him around me. sometimes it just takes us slowing down and being still to really sense His presence. and that is what i’m doing now. slowing down and realizing that life is a struggle, but in His strength, i’ll be just fine.


till next time lovelies.


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