cold weather must haves

the cold weather is upon us and that means we need to get out the hats, gloves, and scarves! and this is the type of fashion that i love! i’ve always been in love with the cold weather. there is just something about seeing the snow on the ground that makes me fall in love. no matter how cold it is, i will always love it. the other part that i love is getting to add layers to your outfits! i love adding accessories to every outfit. it just adds another level to your outfit. it showcases your personality, allows you to have some fun, and allows you to express a different side of you that people may not see every day. how can you not love that?!

some of my favorite winter accessories are blanket scarves and beanies. i’m not much of a hat person on the regular basis, but i will make the exception for a beanie. mainly because it serves as a dual purpose for me. not only does it look super cute but it keeps my head and ears nice and warm.


i fell in love with beanies when i was younger. when i was 8 years old, i had cancer and lost all my hair. praise God that i am healed today! during that time i developed a lot of insecurities because i gained so much weight and lost all my hair. so because of those two things, beanies were my choice of hat. one to cover up my baldness but another reason is because it didn’t add anything to me visually. wide brim hats are extremely cute but i always felt it added to my weight visually. so i pretty much fell in love with how they made me feel and look and that love has stayed with me until this very day!


this is one my favorite beanies because of the rich color. i love this richness of this maroon color against this gorgeous cream knit sweater. this hat was actually given to me as a gift but i’ve found some maroon beanies similar and linked them here and below in outfit details. this gorgeous knit sweater is from old navy, one of my favorite stores. i’ve also linked this sweater here and below.


another accessory that i just love is the blanket scarf. blanket scarves are so unbelievably comfortable and warm. so…why wouldn’t you want one for winter?! the one i’m wearing here is such an amazing print plus a great color palette. because it’s so neutral you can wear it with so many different colors. i love wearing black so here i my neutral checkered blanket scarf with a long sleeve black top. i used these gorgeous rose gold bracelets as a contrast against the black and neutral color palette. i really love how it turned out. because blanket scarves are so thick, especially in the style that i am wearing it, i decided to wear my hair up, something i don’t normally do. to add another level of depth i added a deep red lip color.

there are so many ways to wear a blanket scarf which is why i find them so fun! the way i have it here it a pretty basic way wear it. i basically folded the scarf in half diagonally. while holding both ends, i wrapped it around my neck with the triangle laying across my chest. i really love this way of wearing blanket scarves for very cold days. it keeps me so warm and it just so darn cute.

tell me some of your favorite winter accessories and why! i’d love to hear your opinion!


outfit details:

cream knit sweater – old navy

black skinny jeans – levi

rose gold bracelets – alex and ani

green jacket – michael kors – this isn’t the exact coat that i have but it’s  very similar and just as cute!

maroon beanie – charlotte russe

blanket scarf – mod cloth – they don’t have the same print but this neutral blanket scarf is an amazing price and super gorgeous.

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