shopping confessions

okay ladies. i must admit something. i’m a shopaholic. i just love to shop! i love clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, i love it all! and i know it drives my husband crazy. right now, with where God has us, we’re staying with my parents so our space is limited. very. limited. which means, my closet space is non-existent. which also means, that non-existent space? yeah, i have to share that with my boo. and that is not easy seeing as how he’s also into fashion. he just doesn’t have a shopping problem, praise God!

ever since i’ve been out of the retail world (worked for years before i moved), my shopping experience has changed drastically. i find myself not liking malls anymore. or even going to an actual store. crazy right? i’m in love with online shopping. i’m obsessed. i love that i can sit in bed, watch tv, and shop. it’s amazing. i have also loved shopping small. now, for those of you who don’t know what that is, let me explain. shopping small isn’t shopping for small people or small sizes, because i may be short but Lord knows I ain’t no small size! shopping small is all about supporting small businesses. It’s a huge trend right now. if you follow or have seen the American Express commercials, you’ll see what i’m talking about. (i tagged my favorite one here! It’s hilarious!!) i do love to shop small so i’ve purchased a lot from some shops but today i want to talk about one in particular, Trunk Collective.

one thing i love about Trunk Collective is their belief in shopping consciously. all of their items are chosen through fair trade. they make sure all of their pieces are sustainably sourced and are ethical brands. not only that, but every quarter they choose a new charity partner that is focused on environmental and wildlife conservation. plus!! 7% of their sales are donated to this chosen charity. how can you not want to choose a shop that does so much good! don’t like jewelry? it’s okay! they also carry accessories, active wear, home items and beauty items!


the items i purchased:

mykonos ring: absolutely love this ring! i also love that it is adjustable. buying rings online is very difficult for me because of the sizing issue. sometimes i find that the sizing isn’t always right. but what i love is that i didn’t have to worry about that with this purchase. this beauty fits nice and snug on my finger and all i had to do was make it a little tighter. this ring is made by mata traders. mata traders offers fair trade jewels that are made by some amazing artisans in india and nepal. purchasing from this brand through Trunk Collective allows members of different villages to earn a living and work their families and communities out of poverty.

crystal stone and june gold bar bracelet: buying these bracelets was probably my favorite purchase so far. not just because they are so adorable, but because of what the brand stands for. i am all about empowering other women. giving them a chance to reach their potential and feel like they have a purpose. and that is was Starfish Project does. they provide physically, emotionally, and sexually abused women with employment in a safe and supportive environment. and to make it better, they provide them with housing, counseling, educational opportunities, vocational training and health care. how can you not want to support a brand that does this?! these bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit and are great for stacking!!

listen guys, i’m not one to just promote people because i’m told to or even asked to. i do this because i believe in what this company stands for and the opportunities they are helping others receive. by the way, i was not asked to post about this brand nor am i getting paid to post about this brand. i just fell in love and i know you will too! make sure you check out their site and shop around for some amazing pieces. not because you need more jewelry, but because you want to provide an opportunity for someone who is in need. is there any better excuse to go shopping??


let me know what your favorite piece is! don’t forget to leave a comment, i’d love to connect with you!




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