transition is usually never something that is easy. at least, in my experience, i’ve found that transition hasn’t come without its conflicts. it brings uncertainty, chaos, discomfort, anxiety, the list could go on. this past year has been an interesting one. my husband and i went from comfortable to uncomfortable, certainty to uncertainty. but through it all, we relied on God. but it was not an easy road to take. which it never is, really. having to wonder how you will pay bills that month is not an easy feeling.

philippians 4:6 says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

how can we do that? how, in moments of extreme anxiety and chaos, how is it that we can just give it to God and be fine? how can we give everything to God and feel peace again? i’ll be honest with you, this wasn’t an easy thing for me to. when i first move up to philadelphia, we had no idea what was going to happen. we felt the Lord leading us up here so my husband could finish his education and that was all we knew. i got a job at the university he attends. took a big pay cut at that job. when i saw my very first paycheck, i cried. all these thoughts of, “how in the heck are we gonna survive on this?” would run my mind everyday. back in orlando, i had a great job making good money. i didn’t need to rely on God for my finances because i had it together. i didn’t need Him for that.

soon after moving and receiving my first disappointing paycheck, i soon realized just how little my trust and faith in God was. and that, in itself, was disappointing. as a worship leader, how can i preach to someone to have faith and trust in God when i myself didn’t. it was a sobering thought. a humbling thought. as soon as i came to that realization, i prayed. prayed and asked for forgiveness. and then i began a journey. a journey that was not and is not an easy. but one that i needed to go through. the next few months would look like this: me praying for financial assistance to pay the bills and one week later receiving a check. and it happened multiple times. i couldn’t believe it. God was proving to me how faithful He was. showing me that my trust should be in Him and Him alone. and you know what? i believe that now. firmly.

God can and will bring me through anything and everything. and He will bring you through whatever you are going through too. but you need to ask yourself, “do you trust God?” do have enough faith to know without a doubt that He will take you through? it isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you are used to taking care of things yourself. like me. i grew up as an independent woman, taking care of things myself. so letting control was not easy. but let me tell you, the moment i did, i felt free. i felt relieved. yes, i still have my moments, but in the end i can say that no matter what happens, God is in control. He’s got everything in control. remember that. write down philippians 4:6 on an index card and place on your mirror. so every time you look at that mirror, you say that verse out loud. bring it to work and place it on your desk. when things get crazy at work, say that verse out loud. i cannot tell you how much that has helped me. saying that verse over and over and asking God to help me. giving my burdens to Him. so let me challenge you, are you trusting in God completely? do you have complete faith in Him? write that verse somewhere where you can see it everyday. and ask God to show you just how faithful He is. and He will. He’ll show you and allow you to trust Him that much more.

are you going through a transition? do you need more faith or trust in God in your life? leave a comment below, i’d love to pray for you and walk you through this journey!



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