skin care brands i love

constant battles i have is weight loss and skin care. now, while i’ve been able to deal with my weight loss battle, my skin care battle was suffering. until now that is. these products have completely changed my life. my skin has never looked better. i’ve settled on a great night time skin care routine that i love and i want to share these finds with you!



skin laundry restoring night serum: “This concentrated anti-aging mega serum helps brighten dark spots, even skin tone and texture, tighten and boost collagen. Contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and natural extracts that work together to help protect, repair and resurface skin.” (straight from product information on website)

and let me tell you, it does just that. my skin looks great. my skin tone has definitely improved. i have noticed the redness on my cheeks reduce greatly. this product is one i will definitely be purchasing again and again. because it is great for aging, it’s a great product to start using in your mid to late 20s. but i will say, i have already noticed the effects of this product and i’ve been using it for about 4 months.

himalayan charcoal mask by body shop: “Deeply cleanses and purifies the skin; Works to clean clogged pores and release impurities and toxins; Helps to reveal a healthy-looking, youthful glow” (straight from product information on website)

i stumbled across this product at the airport no less. in the philadelphia airport they actually have a body shop store. i had some extra time and they happened to be having a sale. so i dragged my husband with me and shopped till i dropped! this was one of the products i happened to purchase that day. one of the sales associates asked what i was looking for and i let her know my concerns with my face. i have oily skin, large pores, and blackheads that i have been dying to get rid of. this was one of the products she referred me to try and i am so glad that i did. this product feels great on my skin. its a thick clay so i find using a brush to apply it is best. it also has green tea leaves within the mask, which is amazing for exfoliating. i leave it on for about 8 minutes and rinse off with a wash cloth, wiping off in a circular motion to help exfoliate my skin. my face feels amazing after i use it! in the past 1.5 months that i have been using this product, my oily skin feels like it is finally under control. i don’t find myself as shiny at the end of a work day anymore. and i’ve begun to notice my pores are closing a little more with each use. this is definitely a must try if you have oily skin, large pores, blackheads, or just a good deep clean for your face!

seaweed oil-control gel cream: “This oil-free, gel-like moisture cream is easily absorbed and perfect for combination skin. Moisturizes dry areas; Balances excess sebum; Gives a matte, shine-free complexion” (straight from product information on website)

i. love. this. gel cream. i cannot say that enough. because i have oily skin, moisturizers are so hard for me to choose from. i also get scared that no matter what i use, my face will always look so oily. i’ve used other gel creams before but nothing compared to this one. in the last 1.5 months that i’ve been using this product, my oily face is under control. i love the matte finish it gives my face. so even on days that i don’t wear make-up, i don’t have to worry. now that it is winter, i’m alternating this gel cream with another moisturizer that i have to avoid super dry skin. this product is definitely one i would recommend for oily skin!

drops of youth – youth eye concentrate: “The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™ Youth Eye Concentrate is an effective roll-on pump eye product, taking its innovation from plant stem cell technology. The unique design supports a refreshing anti-fatigue and nourishing effect while improving microcirculation. Perfect for all skin types, use day and night. For a more intense treatment and for maximum benefit, use under your favorite eye treatment. / Smoother-looking skin; Fresher, more youthful eye contour; Reduced appearance of eye bags and fine lines” (straight from product information on website)

dark circles under my eyes have been something i have struggled with. i came to the conclusion that i needed a vacation for one and some eye cream for two. so while i was at body shop i noticed this beauty. its a roll-on pump, which i find absolutely convenient. i don’t have to touch any thing or apply too much pressure by using my fingers. i apply this every morning before i put on my seaweed gel cream than make up (if i choose to wear any). this is another great thing to start in your mid to late 20s. the dark circles under my eyes have been greatly reduced. i’ve also noticed that the skin under my eyes have been getting tighter and brighter. i’m so excited to keep using this amazing product and see how it changes my skin for the better!

there you have it! some of my favorite skin care products right now. tell me, what are your favorite products? have you tried any that i mentioned above? leave a comment below and tell me what you think!



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